Tips and ideas to keep your guests comfortable during this year’s big game

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Super Bowl is only a week away! Is your home game-ready?

While the New England Patriots and New York Giants prepare for the big game this Sunday, you should prepare for an evening of unpredictable and often unsportsmanlike conduct. Be ready to tackle any party problem with the following list of Maids’ preparatory tips:

Have the right formation. When preparing for a football viewing party, formation is crucial. Take a head count before the game and rearrange your furniture to make it comfortable and convenient for everyone. For fun, seat Patriots fans on one side of the room and Giants fans on the other.

Recover the fumble. Your guests will likely be jumping and fist pumping. All that commotion can create some horrendous spills. Be prepared to clean up beverages and greasy stains by keeping paper towels, club soda and carpet stain remover close by, and be sure to act fast. For more tips on recovering the fumble, check out The Maids football cleaning tips.

Prevent fouls. Make sure everyone knows the rules of your game. Put out enough coasters for everyone if you are worried about drink rings ruining the tables. If you have expensive or antique furniture, move it to another room, out of game play.

Halftime entertainment. If Madonna doesn’t interest your crowd, have another activity for your guests during halftime. Try creating your own Super Bowl trivia game. Look up previous Super Bowl facts and make questions to stump your party go-ers. Give a small prize to the winning team.

Remember: Some people just like the commercials. Be sure to have a couple decks of cards on hand for the bench warmers as well.

Control the clock. Make sure your guests haven’t had too much to drink before hitting the road. The Super Bowl is a big night for parties, but all parties should end well!

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