The farmhouse was just too big for her to clean — but she still lives there, thanks to The Maids

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At 85, Jean Nichols was considering the unthinkable: Moving out of the farmhouse in rural Connecticut where she’d lived for years.

It wasn’t because something was wrong with the house. It was just getting to be too hard to clean. Nichols hated the thought of surrendering her precious independence. But she thought she might not have a choice.

“Although her house is small, it’s pretty tough to keep up,” says her son, Hayden Nichols. “She just couldn’t do it alone.” Hayden didn’t want his mother to move out any more than she did.

So he turned to The Maids, a leading residential cleaning company, with more than 150 locally owned locations in the United States and Canada, that thoroughly cleans homes with safe, environmentally friendly products. Hayden Nichols has used the company for 11 years to clean his own Woodbury, Connecticut, home every week.

So it was an easy call to hire The Maids to clean his mother’s farmhouse every two weeks. “She loves them. Every time they come, she calls and thanks me,” he says. “Mom is 85, and she still gets around. I’m lucky she’s still able to be at home.”

The Nichols’ story is a familiar one to us at The Maids. As people age, it gets harder for them to keep up with daily household chores. It’s a physical and emotional strain on people who have lived proudly and independently for decades and aren’t used to letting strangers into their homes. It takes a reliable, respectful group of people to understand the needs of the elderly.

At The Maids, we’re proud to count numerous elderly clients as our closest and best customers. Our franchise owners and their staff always go the extra mile to make sure they are doing well and can rely on us.

Many of our elderly clients look forward to our visits and find comfort in their relationships with our team members. Often, adult children like Hayden Nichols hire The Maids to clean for their parent or parents weekly, which results in a clean, healthy home and regular check-ins by responsible, concerned people.

The Maids is always willing to work around special needs or requests. If you are interested in finding a The Maids office near you, visit

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