Life sparkles without worries, hassle or vacuum cleaner

Vic Viggiano doesn't even need one of these anymore. Photo credit WordRidden on Flickr.

Vic Viggiano doesn’t own a vacuum cleaner.

“Why do I need one?” he asks.

As the longest-running steady customer of The Maids of North Hampton, N.H., Viggiano says he doesn’t need a vacuum cleaner or, for that matter, cumbersome attachments and messy bags. A team from The Maids has been cleaning his house every three weeks since 1994.

He was happy after the first visit and he is even happier now.

“With The Maids, I feel very comfortable with the idea that strangers are coming and going, though I do know most of them by now,” Viggiano says. “What I like is that I know they’ve been here. I know they’ve cleaned my house.

“My days are long and when I get done the furthest thing from my mind is getting on my hands and knees to scrub the bathroom floor,” he says.

Viggiano sells power cable to utility companies and paper mills and drives 45,000 miles a year to cover a territory that includes Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Canada’s eastern provinces. He appreciates returning to a clean home.

He’s a particular sort of guy. He looked at 55 houses before settling on the classic Cape home in Hampton that he bought in the early 1990s. After gutting the two-story house and renovating it, he hired a different company to clean and was dissatisfied with the work and attitude. Viggiano stopped by The Maids office in North Hampton and has not looked back.

The relationship is so solid, in fact, that The Maids used Viggiano’s home as a training area for several years because after the renovation it had new surfaces – granite counter tops, fresh hardwood floors and ceramic tile throughout the bathrooms – that were quickly becoming standard in many houses and required different cleaning tactics.

Not much has changed since 1994, though Viggiano did expand the house, nearly doubling the square footage. Knowing a team will arrive every three weeks makes routine upkeep easier and predictable. At Valentine’s Day, he leaves the team a box of candy and a note.

In 17 years, Viggiano has referred so many people to The Maids he’s lost count. “I don’t even know anymore,” he says.

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