8 Dirty Places Bathroom

8 Dirty Places In Your Bathroom You Probably Don’t Clean

You’ve scrubbed the top of the vanity, scoured the sink and tub and cleaned the inside of the toilet bowl – your bathroom is spotless right? Wrong. There are a handful of dirty places you’re probably missing every time you clean.

Light Switch

Wall switches come in contact with dirty, grimy, germ-ridden fingertips daily, but we almost never think about wiping them down. Spray an anti-bacterial all-purpose spray on a cloth and gently wipe off the years of muck.

Exhaust Fan

Next time you’re in your bathroom look up. How clean is your exhaust fan? If you run screaming from the room, it is probably time to give it a good clean. A bathroom exhaust fan should be cleaned at least twice a year. Make sure it’s off, and remove the cover to get to all the dust bunnies lurking inside. The cover can be cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap. The same goes for air vents; pop them up and use a vacuum extension to get rid of dust and hair.

Toothbrush Holder

You may think your toothbrush is completely rinsed off after your brush – but it’s not. Moisture and toothpaste residue can slide down the handle and settle in the bottom of your toothbrush holder becoming a home for grime and mold. Rinse your holder thoroughly with vinegar and allow it to air dry.

Toilet Paper Holder

Think about this, when do you usually need to change the toilet paper roll? When you’re on the toilet. Who knows how many times that holder has been touched with less than pristine hands? Make sure to wipe it down with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

The Entire Toilet

While you may clean the inside of the bowl, you’re probably missing other essential parts of this fixture: the handle, water tank and outside of the bowl. The handle can be wiped down with an anti-bacterial cleaner but use vinegar inside the tank and outside the bowl to combat germs and odors.


Mineral deposits can shorten the life of showerheads. Mist your showerhead every week with a mixture of 50 percent vinegar and 50 percent water. Or, for a deep clean, put the mixture in a plastic baggie and wrap it around the head to really allow it to soak in.

Light Fixtures

Sometimes it seems like dust gravitates to light and heat. Give the inside and outside of your light fixtures a good dusting with a microfiber cloth – just make sure to wait until the bulb has cooled down.

Vanity Drawers

The inside of your bathroom vanity drawers can easily collect dust, hair, spilled makeup and toiletries. Make sure to routinely empty them and wipe them down with a damp cloth.

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