We launched our #14DayCleaningChallenge with the hopes of motivating our social media followers to achieve a happier and more hygienic home. This year, the tradition of Spring Cleaning went from yearly ritual to necessary precaution. With this in mind, the campaign was designed to maximize both functional organization and cleanliness.

The chore of deep cleaning your home can be a daunting endeavor, but chunking out tasks over the course of two weeks helped to lighten the load and increase the fun.Take a look at how we structured 14 days of do-able duties, which resulted in cleaner homes everywhere.

Day 1: Catch all the Clutter worked to eliminate the excess and out of place items in each room. The clutter-free spaces provided a clean slate.

Day 2: Light Switches, Doorknobs, and Cabinet Handles…Oh My! These are the best places to begin the task of cleaning your home. The commonly touched surfaces are key to disinfecting and staying healthy.

Day 3: Quick Bathroom Touchup provided some simple yet effective tips for getting your bathrooms cleaned quickly.

Day 4: Tackle the Shower. The space that’s used to keep us clean should (in theory!) be the cleanest place of all. That’s why Day 4’s focus was on getting your shower sparkling.

Day 5: Under the Sinks. They’re out of sight, but not out of mind. These tips were ideal for keeping this area organized and functional.

Day 6: Easy Disinfecting with Bleach. It’s crucial that part of the cleaning process involves antimicrobial disinfectants that can kill viruses and bacteria in our homes. This is how to do it safely.

Day 7: Conquer the Kid Room. The Legos that are strewn across the floor are just waiting for an unsuspecting foot; foil their plans, and get it cleaned up! Here’s how to make it less overwhelming.

Day 8: Deep Clean Those Kitchen Appliances. Anything that’s used every day needs to be cleaned regularly; here is how to clean your gas stove, stainless steel, and oven.

Day 9: Control the Pet Hair. Get all that crazy fur off your furniture (and other surfaces) with these instructions.

Day 10: Mattress Maintenance is easy to unintentionally ignore, but it’s crucial for keeping allergens and other issues at bay. Learn best practices for making the most of your mattress. 

Day 11: Organize the Mudroom. A mudroom entrance makes for a natural catchall location, but sometimes it needs an organizational overhaul

Day 12: Office Electronics are often used but seldom tended to. But considering how often they’re touched, they need to be sanitized STAT. 

Day 13: Fire Up the Grill provided guidelines for getting your outdoor oven-ready- just in time for summer.

Day 14: Master Vacuuming was the cherry on top of a terrific clean. Nothing makes your place feel officially fresh like those crisp carpet lines.

Did you join in on #TheMaidsCleaningChallenge? Tell us about your experience in the comments! If consistently deep cleaning isn’t happening at your home on a regular basis or even once to start summer, call in the cleaning experts at The Maids. We’ll make sure your home is clean and disinfected with our professional equipment and meticulous 22-step cleaning system.

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