Thanksgiving is officially right around the corner, and the emotions are starting to pile up. Here’s a quick and fun list of what to expect should Thanksgiving send you on an emotional roller coaster (before, during, and after you’ve finished the biggest meal of your life).

Hold on tight. This could get messy.

1. Confidence


There’s plenty of time to look for recipes, go shopping, and grab a perfectly sized turkey, right? How many people are really going to be buying a 12-pound bird?

2. Anxiety


The answer is everyone. Everyone bought all the 12-pound birds. And now you have to find a pan to fit the only turkey left, an 18-pound gobbler (is it an ostrich at this point?), in your oven. On top of that, your to-do list, which seemed reasonable two days ago, seems to have taken a nod from the turkey and expanded by several inches. You can say it. EEP.

3. Determination


You’ve got this. It may take a little magic to make this all happen, but countless generations of done it before, and you can, too. You may want to call one of them. And also figure out how to do magic. Just to be safe.

4. Confusion


In your efforts to multi-task you may or may not have switched ingredients mid-recipe for the stuffing and the bread pudding. That’s ok, right? Doesn’t every family have a Joey? Or at least an adventurous palette?

5. Hunger


You told yourself you wouldn’t sample the recipes as you go so you could have room for dinner. But they smell so good. Especially that bread pudding. It’s probably the sage.

6. Giddiness


Because, holy cow (turkey? ostrich?). You could actually pull this off.

7. Relief


Guests are arriving, and they brought more food. Not that you need it, but it’s good to know no one will starve while you’re waiting another hour for the bird to get done. More wine? Coffee? A sample of bread pudding with sage?

8. Excitement


You’re finally sitting down with the people you love most in the world (well, mostly) and you’re going to enjoy a meal that you’ve looked forward to all year long. Good choice on using the big plates and wearing the stretchy pants.

9. Pain


That third slice of pie was probably not the best idea you’ve had today. Right behind bringing up politics with Uncle Bill (although, in your defense, you asked him to pass the salt). It’ll all be ok because…

10. Sleepy joy


Because there are leftovers, which are exceptionally good in a quiet home filled with sleeping people who are filled with 18 pounds of turkey. Good call. You should join them.

Is there something a feeling you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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