Tip #50-55: The 5 dirty places you are NOT cleaning in your home but should.

You clean your house. All. The. Time. In the midst of your tried-and-true routine, chances are you’re missing out on some pretty gross areas that are in desperate need of some attention. Here are the worst offenders and how you can bring them up to snuff in five minutes or less.

  • The toothbrush holder. (Yes, we cringed, too). Give it a good once over with a wet, clean washcloth and then soak it in mouthwash to give bacteria the heave-ho.
  • The vacuum cleaner. You know that awful smell. The one that plumes up right after you turn on your vacuum? Yes, that one. It’s not normal. It means it’s time to clean your filter. Every vacuum is different, and some have filters that can pop in right into the dishwasher (all by itself—you want it to smell clean, not like leftovers).
  • The bathroom exhaust fan. If your moments of peace only come in bathrooms (as any mom with small children can attest), you’ve undoubtedly noticed the lint that’s accumulated in your bath vent. Attack it with a can of compressed air. Added bonus: This can be very cathartic.
  • Ceiling fans. While you’re inspecting the ceiling, it’s probably a good idea to make the rounds with the ceiling fans. Grab an old pillow case, slide a fan blade inside, and slide off—dust stays in the bag and your fan will be less likely to fling fuzz balls at you while you sleep.
  • Plastic shower liners. Don’t throw them away when they get skuzzy. Toss them in the washer with laundry detergent, a cup of baking soda, two towels (to protect and help scrub the plastic) and a few drops of tea tree oil if you have it. Just like new—and you didn’t even have to change out of your pajamas to do it.

We know there are other offensive offenders out there. What have you avoided cleaning lately?

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