header3The appeal of the kitchen junk drawer is undeniable. It’s one of the few places in your home where you can safely stash all of those small items that might otherwise get lost. From frequently used things like scissors, magnets and bag clips, to money-saving coupons and receipts, your junk drawer keeps everything out of sight yet accessible.

The problem with junk drawers is that it’s all too easy for the humble receptacle to become the final resting place for all the things that really ought to be stored elsewhere. Allowing your junk drawer to devolve into the household scrap heap defeats its purpose. Fortunately, tackling the mess of an out-of-control junk drawer is easier than you might think. These useful tips can help your organize your junk drawer in no time flat.

Separate Trash from Treasure

Before you can even begin to put your junk drawer in order, you need to see exactly what’s in it. Prep for the task by spreading newspaper or shopping bags over your kitchen countertops to protect the surface from nicks, stains and grime. Lay out the contents of the drawer and sort the items into general categories such as writing utensils, tools that you use often and fasteners like twist ties, clips and rubber bands. Now’s the time to throw outdated items like expired coupons or condiment packages into the waste bin.

Sorting It All Out

The job of a junk drawer is to keep everything organized so that the items you regularly use are always easy to access. Contents that you use less frequently should be stored somewhere else in your home, whether it’s in a toolkit, medicine cabinet or scrapbook. A good rule of thumb is to limit the items to things you know you’ll use in the next month or two. Find a new place to store random objects like old cell phones, holiday lights or mystery keys.

Conquering the Great Divide

Kitchen drawer organizers and dividers are the answer when it comes to keeping your junk drawers neat and tidy going forward. Choose a junk drawer organizer that comes with differently sized compartments so that tiny items won’t get lost under larger objects. The size of the drawer you use matters, too. A compact, shallow drawer makes it easy to inspect all contents in a glance. Select a junk drawer organizer that fits snugly enough so that things won’t become misplaced as you open and shut the drawer.

Staying Organized at Home

With the right kitchen drawer organizers on hand, tackling your junk drawer is a project that you can complete in just an hour or two. Other home organization challenges, such as clearing out the garage or tidying up the basement, are more time-consuming. At The Maids, our professional cleaning services can give you a helpful head start. We can get any indoor space clean as a whistle so that you can organize your home to perfection. To learn more, or to schedule service, give us a call today at 1-800-THE-MAIDS!

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