Summer is Coming- How to Get Your Home Ready For Swimsuit Season















We knew this time was coming. After a brutal winter of snow days, bitter temperatures, and blustery winds, warmer temperatures are arriving, and with them, stark reality. It’s swimsuit season. And we are not ready. We are referring, of course, to our houses.

Here are some summer-ready house fitness tips to consider.

  • Warm up properly: Assess your winter inventory once you are convinced the snow is really gone (this may be the hardest step). Pair up gloves and boots, take stock of winter coats, and gather scarves, snow pants, and other winter apparel. Pack out of sight and out of reach, and hope Old Man Winter gets the picture. You need the closet space for a less-hefty wardrobe.
  • Keep up the cardio: Keep your furnace and air conditioner in good shape by changing out the filters regularly. As soon as you switch from heat to cooling, recirculate the air in your home by closing the registers on your lower levels and opening the registers on the upper floors to take advantage of cool air’s tendency to sink. Dust vents as needed.
  • Incorporate more plants: With more daylight expanding into our waking hours, now is a great time to include leafy green houseplants into your décor, including starting a few herb seedlings near your brightest windows. You’ll benefit from their air-purifying charm as well as the flavor (and fiber and vitamins) they’ll add to your meals.
  • High Reps, Low Weight: Don’t fight the natural flow of summer. Embrace it. Create a routine that is easy to follow and stick with it. This could mean making a kid-friendly clothesline in the backyard (or the bathtub) for wet towels and swimsuits. Gather a few wicker baskets by the door for sandals and summer sports gear. Keep a bag stocked with sunscreen and non-perishable snacks so it’s ready for adventure when you are.
  • Stretch. Open the curtains wide and send those blinds soaring. It’s time to let in some of that sunshine.
  • Consider a cleanse. After such a harsh winter, most of our houses could use a good detox. Arm yourself with scents of basil and lemon, and your home will be bursting with pre-summer excitement. And if you’d rather pour yourself an umbrella’d cocktail than scrub, dust, and wash, you’re in luck—we happen to know the best housecleaners in the business.

Follow these tips and your house will be in the best shape of its life, giving you a warm and ready reprieve from summer’s adventures.

How do you brace for summer activities?

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