Our homes are crammed with stuff. Our cars are crammed with stuff. Our offices are crammed with stuff. As Americans, we love to buy stuff, and now that the holidays are over, we’ve most likely amassed a lot more of it. A new year is a perfect time to purge your home of things you don’t want, need or are just trash. Plus, it’s easier to keep a home clean and tidy when it’s not overflowing with stuff.

Here’s how to downsize your belongings:



Facebook marketplace has made selling your unwanted items really easy. Scroll through the online marketplace to see if you own things that others already want. One thing to weigh is if your potential profit is worth the effort; you don’t want to chase after a buyer for a $5 Lego set. If you have a lot of things to sell, and the weather cooperates, you can hold a garage sale. Little items, in the $.50 to $5 range usually get gobbled up.



Donating your gently-used items is a great way to downsize your belongings. Donating helps people who can’t afford to buy new, helps the environment by recycling and reusing and provides jobs to workers from all types of life. Plus, many organizations give receipts so you can claim the donation on your taxes. Keep in mind, your local non-profit or thrift store is not a dump. Don’t give away items that are broken or beyond repair.



After you’ve sold and donated your stuff take a look at what’s left: Is it broken? Is it unwearable? Is it damaged beyond repair? If yes, then it should be tossed. Throwing something away doesn’t necessarily mean it has to end up in the landfill. Take a look at your garbage pile to see what can be recycled (old magazines, plastic bins, toys, etc.). If a piece of plastic is recyclable, it will have a symbol somewhere on it. One way to recycle clothes that can’t be donated or sold is to cut them up as dust cloths or add them to your compost pile (100 percent cotton clothes only). There are companies out there that will take clothes in ANY condition for recycling. Blue Jeans Go Green turns denim into insulation. H&M Group also accepts clothing in any condition, including old underwear and ripped tights. The old clothes are either sorted for rewear, reused as other products or recycled as insulation.


You’ll be surprised at how much space you really have once you downsize. You’ll also feel lighter knowing you’ve helped others. Keep the feelings of goodwill going by having The Maids make your decluttered space spic and span. The Maids offers several types of cleaning services to make your home sparkle twice a year or twice a month. Plus we’re located across the United States and Canada, so it’s likely there’s one near you. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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