The Maids recommends timeline and cleaning tips

1955: Janes family Christmas portrait. Photo courtesy of oddharmonic on Flickr.

They’re coming.

Ready or not, holiday guests start arriving in about 2 weeks for the four-to-six week holiday whirlwind.

Make a plan and stay organized to keep holiday-related stress as low as possible. After all the best part of holiday visits is spending time with loved ones, the worst part is being too stressed out to enjoy it.

The Maids recommend putting together a schedule that starts at least three weeks before guests arrive.

Counting down:

  • Week 3: Prep your guest room or rooms. Remove clutter and clean thoroughly so all the rooms will need is a quick touch-up.
  • Week 2: Make a list of events and fun destinations in your area. Bored guests are unhappy guests – outings brighten up their visit and alleviate that cooped-up feeling. Consult your guests about special food requests and dietary restrictions. Remember, people will be eating more than just The Big Holiday meal. Think about making some dishes in advance and freezing them.
  • Week 1: Wash your linens and towels. Make a final sweep of the rooms where guests will sleep and clean the heavy-use areas (kitchen, bathrooms, living room, entry room). Shop for groceries before the supermarkets are too busy, leaving only specialty items for the final days.

Every task tackled in advance is one less thing to worry about as the holiday nears.

Of course, we are here to help, too. Holidays are busy for us and many customers rely on us every year to make the season more enjoyable for them. Let us help you through the holidays with ease!

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