Spring Cleaning Checklist: Everything You Need to Do to Get a Spotless Seasonal Clean

The emergence of spring fills us all with hope. It’s the hope that a fresh season brings about new beginnings. It’s the hope that we’re able to witness new life and the blossoming of nature. And it’s the hope that magical fairies will come to straighten up and accomplish everything on our spring cleaning list.

Spring cleaning can seem intimidating, but it’s an important routine to maintain. The winter days are sure to have led to the accumulation of dust, and any seasonal change requires a special focus on ridding allergens from the home. The best way to keep your home hygienic is to attend to those important tasks.

So if you’re not lucky enough to be graced by the magical fairies this year, don’t worry! We’ve compiled the ultimate spring cleaning house checklist to help you feel nice and fresh as you transition to a new season.

Spring Cleaning Must-Dos

For general home maintenance. 

  • Examine your gutters and roof for debris, such as pine needles, leaves, and ice.  Using a blower or broom, clean them out so everything runs smoothly for the next season. 
  • Test the batteries in your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors. Replace them if needed. 
  • Clean reachable exterior windows. Examine both windows and doors for cracks and leaks. 
  • Check on your HVAC unit. Change the filter and straighten coils. 

For all rooms. 

  • Wash windows. Remove the screens, rinse, and replace them after air drying. 
  • Clean blinds using a microfiber cloth or handheld vacuum. Remove and launder curtains. 
  • Wipe moldings and baseboards with a damp, microfiber cloth. 
  • Thoroughly clean vents. 
  • Wash light fixtures and dust lampshades. 
  • Dust ceiling fans and change direction of the blades to rotate airflow. 
  • Disinfect switch plates and light switches. 

For each bedroom. 

  • De-clutter your closet. Donate unused clothes and swap out items for weather-appropriate styles. 
  • Vacuum mattresses, spot clean if needed, and flip. 
  • Launder or dry clean pillows. 
  • Vacuum or sweep under beds, side tables, and dressers. 

For the kitchen. 

  • Remove all items from the refrigerator and freezer. Mix a quart of warm water and a quarter cup of baking soda; wipe shelves clean. 
  • Properly clean your stainless steel appliances. Goodbye, streaks!
  • Dispose of expired condiments and pantry items. 
  • Deep clean oven
  • Remove items and wipe the insides of drawers and cupboards.
  • Clean inside the microwave. 
  • Disinfect garbage can. 

For the bathrooms. 

  • Wash shower curtains, and replace liners if necessary. Clean shower doors. 
  • Disinfect garbage can. 
  • Wash toothbrush holder in the dishwasher. 
  • Remove items from inside drawers: purge unused or expired toiletries. 
  • Wipe insides of drawers and cabinets. 

For the laundry room. 

  • If possible, pull out the washer and dryer and clean behind them. 
  • Wipe down all shelves, cabinets, and other surfaces. 
  • Run a cleaning cycle on your washing machine

So those magical cleaning fairies? Pure fiction. But The Maids is the next best thing! If you’re feeling unmotivated about tackling the tasks, give us a call! Learn more about our cleaning services, including our Fall & Spring house cleaning services. Or click here to get a free estimate.

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