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Symmetrical places feel balanced, whole, and inviting. The trick to creating these spaces is to mimic the larger elements—sofas, tables, chairs, shelving, art—so that the asymmetrical pieces even the place out without feeling, well, odd. Which one of the pictures below inspires you the most?

A place for reflection.

Symmetrical doesn’t have to mean sterile, and this gorgeous living room proves it. Soft textures, rich reds, and warm walls pull you into the cushions. While the rug beneath the coffee table doesn’t quite follow our recommendations for choosing the right rug, it does allow those golden hardwoods to run their full length of the room, giving the space a deeper inhale as you walk into it. We love the not-quite-identical art on the walls, a great example of how to call visual interest without distracting from the overall design.

Echo the deco.

This is art deco, Miami style—bright, purposeful, and a little irreverent. There’s so much to love about this dining room, and it all starts with that glorious light fixture; take a cue from these designers and find one tell-all piece to hang your entire room’s aesthetic. And if you can find green ceramic busts, mirrored penguin mirrors, and a dining room set that sets the standard for clean lines, go for it!

Lines in alignment.

When designing a symmetrical room, take a good hard look at its shape and the shapes inherent in the space. This living room embraces the repeating rectangle, balancing the patio doors with large pieces of art on the opposing wall. The large fireplace anchors the room and forms the “fold,” the point at which both sides reflect the other. Notice how the room uses lights and darks to pull the room together; dark pieces form the ends of the room, and light pieces cushion the middle, creating a sense of balance and charm.

Equally elegant.

This living room also uses a fireplace to center the symmetry, but it is its use of frames that really pull this space together. The pattern repeats from the ceiling moldings to the door casings and from from the paneled walls to the silver framed lithographs, grounding the room in clean right angles. The soft tufted couches, neutral pillows, and accent pieces follow suit, but in their own way, basking in their reflection on the other side of the room. This room maintains symmetry despite having several non-matching pieces just by maintaining proportionate heights, colors, and weights.

Modern gets even.

We love this room’s take on balance, especially how that sunny yellow plays throughout the space. Identical tables with identical lamps, a two-cushion couch, and mirrored art on the walls (oh deer!) bring everything to the table, which, of course, is a repurposed palate crowned with happy flowers. You can’t help but smile in a place this proportionate.

Putting symmetry to bed.

What makes this bedroom especially pleasing to the eye is how the bed frames the room. Lines extend out and down, a pattern that is repeated in the curtain folds, the stripes on the rub, the lines on the comforter, and the shelves and drawers. The windows provide the curves needed to warm up the space, and they do so equally, giving a sense of balance and repose perfect for the place meant for relaxation and reflection.


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