Smartphone Pictures- 15 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Ever wonder what it’s like to have a photographic memory? It turns out you actually do, and it’s in your pocket. We’ve gathered 15 clever ways your smartphone camera will make your errands more efficient, your desk less cluttered, and your to-do list less intimidating.

  • Update your contact list. Use those recent holiday cards to add an image to your digital contact list (and double check to make sure you have the correct address while you are at it).
  • Find your car. Snap a photo of the parking section sign where you parked.
  • Wireless password. The WEP key on the bottom of your wireless modem. This is especially helpful if those numbers are ridiculously small, because unlike your eyes, your camera can zoom in.
  • Remember part numbers. No more lugging large items or cans of paint through home improvement centers to make sure you got the right replacement.
  • X-ray Vision. Are you remodeling? Take pictures of the walls before the sheetrock goes up. This may prove invaluable when it comes to hanging pictures, finding leaks, or considering future remodeling projects.
  • Maps and directories. Take the “You are here” right with you.
  • Disassembly. It’s one thing to take something apart; it’s another have to put it back together again. Snap a picture at every step so you won’t have any extra bolts.
  • Grow eyes in the back of your head. Use the built-in webcam in your phone or tablet and keep an eye on your kids while you watch from a device in another room.
  • Evidence. Whether you are documenting a vehicle accident or the condition of a package when it arrives on your doorstep, the proof is in the picture.
  • Medication information. This is extremely helpful for people who are on several medications (and the people who love them). Capture warnings, expiration dates, names, and refill numbers in one shot.
  • Capture moments. This should seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Home movies don’t make themselves, and snapshots and tidbits take only a few seconds to grab. When a moment moves you, start rolling.
  • Before and after pictures. Great for weight loss, the 30-Spaces-30-Days challenge, or times you’d like to remember what your house looked like when it was clean.

Anything we missed? What do you use your smartphone for?

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