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We’re all about fall slow cooker recipes that don’t involve a lot of prep, pans or fuss. (Unless you want to leave the cleaning to us, then by all means go for it). With tight schedules, heavy workloads and shorter days, we find that our favorite meals end up being the easiest ones, especially when it means we can all sit down together.

Here are three easy fall recipes that will have your slow cooker taking up permanent residence on your counter. Get ready for good food and an amazing aroma when you come home from work!


This recipe from is the perfect combination of legwork and laziness. The hardest part is slicing the onions. If you are looking for a vegetarian slow cooker recipe, this one is definitely a keeper!

This is a perfect recipe for a weekend or for folks who come home for lunch as it does involve adding additional ingredients at the three-hour mark. For classic presentation, ladle into heatproof bowls and top with a slice of white baguette that has been topped with Gruyere (mozzarella works, too). Put under broiler to melt the cheese and toast the bread.

No heatproof bowls? No problem! Just broil the bread with cheese on a cookie sheet, and then add to soup later.






During football season, there’s no better pairing with pigskin than pulled pork. And there’s no easier recipe for delicious, tender pulled pork than this one, from With its five-minute prep and 6-hour cook time, this recipe serves double duty in making your kitchen smell delicious while you cheer on your favorite teams (or your favorite shopping malls).

Want to take it to another level? Toss together some coleslaw and add it to your bun for a BBQ Pork sandwich with crunch (and vegetables).







Cuban Black Bean Soup Recipe strikes again with this low maintenance black bean and ham soup. Inexpensive and a great use for ham hock, this meal will not only coat your ribs, but will also leave you with plenty of leftovers to freeze or take to work. We love it garnished with a swirl of sour cream.

Note: You will want to soak the dried beans overnight to help with the cooking process and make them easier to digest. Just rinse them in a colander, pour them right into your slow cooker pot, and cover them with one inch of water. The next morning, drain your pot and add the remaining ingredients. You’ll come home from work a superhero.






Do you have another easy fall slow cooker recipe we should add to our list? Share it below!

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