Staging a house is the art of making a home appear stylish, comfortable, and livable; it’s also about making the property feel as if no one actually lives there. Part of showcasing a home in its best light is providing the buyers with a glimpse into their own potential life in the place. This includes adding value while removing personalization.

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Buyers want neutrality.

Presenting buyers with a neutral space allows them to mentally add their own aesthetic. Keeping too much of our own personalities in design only makes the buyer think of the home as someone else’s. Depending on your time and limitations, consider these suggestions to make the home as neutral as possible:

  • Assess your interior paint. This could be a good time to say goodbye to your daughter’s bright purple wall. 
  • Take some time to get to basic repair jobs, such as tending to paint chips and scuffs, holes, matching outlets with light switch covers, and changing out old light bulbs, or switching cabinet hardware. 
  • Avoid custom decorations: signs containing your family’s last name, pictures of yourselves or loved ones, and other personal items. Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to decorations. 
  • Be sensitive to smell. We’re unaware of our own home’s odors, but we can still work to make sure it smells as fresh as possible. In addition to getting a deep clean, make sure you’re quickly managing and attending to routinely smelly areas such as the little box, laundry hamper, garbage disposal, and trashcans.

Buyers want open spaces.

As much as you’re able, pay attention to providing potential buyers with walkable space. This will allow them to visualize their own use of the area as best they can. 

  • Remove clutter and furniture that obstructs an open walking route for showings. 
  • Take a minimalist approach to items taking up counter space and other surface areas. For things intended for everyday use (toothbrushes, medicines, skincare products), store them in a drawer or cabinet. 
  • You can add dimension and interest to areas by creating small vignettes. A vase, an apothecary jar filled with seasonal items, a small plant are all suitable ideas for creating texture and interest to a surface. Stick with groups of three items, and keep them limited.

Buyers want cleanliness.

People may disagree about décor, but there’s one motif that fits everyone’s style: clean. Having a sparkling clean home is important for two reasons; first, it shows that the property has been well attended to and taken care of. Secondly, messes and dirt will only distract buyers and give them a negative first impression. With these concerns eliminated, they’ll be able to reflect on the home’s features.

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