Retire From Work and Housework at the Same Time. Here’s Why (and How)












If you find yourself retiring from the conventional workforce, you aren’t alone. In fact, this year could see as many as 4 million people retiring, to the tune of 11,000 a day. The switch from work-life to home-life is easy for some and complicated for others, especially for those who retire at the same time as their spouse. And especially for those who hate to clean.

Spending more time at home will understandably mean more housework, more dishes, more laundry, more toilet cleaning and more countertop scrubbing. It can also mean a few more arguments between partners, as they navigate the sudden increase in time together coupled with a new (or unfair) division of responsibilities and housework. It can put an unexpected strain on a marriage and add unexpected stress on what should be a relatively relaxed time of life.

Many people in their 60s and 70s find themselves turning to a house cleaning service, not only as a way to make the most of their retirement, but also preserve their standard of clean and the state of their relationships. They find that the cost of housecleaning services is worth being able to entertain at a moment’s notice, travel without worry, maintain a loving, peaceful marriage, keep the home free from germs, and get all the perks of not having to work, whether by paycheck or by maintaining the home.

There is true value in having your house cleaned by a maid service, especially when you view your retirement as a departure from working life. The cost of house cleaning becomes less about the money spent and more about the freedom and peace delivered. When you consider the cost of house cleaning compared to the time and energy it takes (including the actual act of cleaning and any arguments that involve cleaning), you’ll find out exactly what our clients have found—that it’s worth every penny.

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