We’ve looked high and low for the dirtiest places in the home, and have discovered there are plenty of spaces that get overlooked from time to time.  If you had to decide which was dirtier, would you say the top of the fridge or under the bed?


Of all the places in your home, these two are among the most commonly forgotten.

It often takes months (and sometimes years), before you finally take a second to find out what’s up or under there. You may find a thick layer of dust and film forming a force field over your refrigerator. Or, a family of dust bunnies living and breeding in the vast carpet prairies under your bed.  And, let’s not forget the collection of random hidden treasures that awaits you in either space.

Never fear, The Maids are here – and we come equipped to fight any major cleaning battle that comes our way.  The Maids’ 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System ensures the healthiest living environment possible from top to bottom. We even clean places that other service providers might miss… like on top of the fridge or under the bed.

For a list of all of the cleaning services that are part of The Maids 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, visit https://www.maids.com/22-Step-Cleaning-Process/.

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