Refreshing Your Home for New Year

Approaching a new year sparks both reflections and hope for change. It gives us an opportunity to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and, hopefully, forget about the monthly donation we’ve been making to the local gym.

Understandably, lots of New Year conversation revolves around impending resolutions: ideas about what we’ll stop or start with a new calendar. For this upcoming year, consider making a different type of resolution. Keeping a clean and tidy home is a goal that will bring you daily serenity, and will create a sense of sanctuary for your family.

Getting (and keeping) your home in order is a worthwhile resolution, but where to start? We’re here with the practical tips and step-by-step guidance.

  • First things first, it’s crucial to start with a thorough, deep clean. Once you have that clean slate, the tasks to follow will be focused on maintaining the clean. To achieve a perfect deep clean, refer to this ultimate cleaning checklist. You can also get a more time and energy efficient thorough cleaning done by The Maids. We’re talking ceiling fans and baseboards level detailed. Click here to check out our 22 Step Cleaning Process.
  • After your home is nice and fresh, you’ll need to implement a schedule. It doesn’t need to be set in stone, but strategizing daily, weekly, and monthly chores is necessary to prevent that overwhelming feeling of needing to clean everything at once. Take a look at this sample cleaning schedule:


Morning: Make bed, put dirty clothes in hamper, wipe down sinks and counters in the bathroom.

Evening: Open mail and toss or organize as needed, wipe down sinks and counters in the kitchen, wash dishes, spot vacuum or sweep high traffic areas (if needed), and pick up toys and extra clutter around the house.


Day 1 – Bedrooms: Laundry, including linens.

Day 2 – Kitchen: Clean appliances (microwave, toaster, coffee maker), disinfect the sink, scrub stovetop and disinfect counters, knobs and handles.

Day 3 – Bathroom: Wipe down mirrors, wash curtains and rugs, deep clean shower walls and tub, disinfect the sink, disinfect counter tops and scrub the toilet.

Day 4 – Entire House: Dust furniture, deep vacuum, mop and sweep floors, and wipe down light switches.

Day 5 – Paperwork: Sort out bills, toss the clutter, file important documents in a filing cabinet and take out the trash. Go through extra paperwork and toss or organize as needed.

Day 6 –Organization Day

Day 7 – Sit back and relax!


Week 1: Clean windows, floorboards, ceiling fans and decorative mirrors.

Week 2: Clean the refrigerator (inside and out).

Week 3: Vacuum furniture, walls and air vents.

Week 4: Clean kids’ toys. Organize play areas, bookshelves and toy compartments. Or, clean office areas. Wipe down keyboard, mouse, and other desk supplies. Organize loose paperwork and files.

Tweak the schedule as necessary to make it work for your needs.

  • Make cleaning convenient by creating caddies with some staple items. Have your caddies located on all levels of your home, perhaps stored under a bathroom sink. Next time you see a quick cleaning task, you can tackle it then and there without gathering supplies from all over the place.
  • Consider upgrading your organizational systems. Think about the spaces in your home that accumulate the most clutter: where are they? Maybe it’s the end of the kitchen counter, the mudroom entrance, or the pile of things next to the front door. This is a good time to re-think the functionality of those spaces. Some solutions might be a basket, tray or filing system.
  • Set aside just a little time for daily decluttering. If you’re only “cleaning the house” once a week (or even less frequently), things will literally pile up. The mess can take forever to sort through. Instead, set a timer for just ten minutes a day. Use the ten minutes to do a quick counter wipe, fold some throws, and pick up strewn items on the floor. By maintaining, you’re saving yourself lots of valuable time in the long run.
  • Make it a family plan. Keeping a tidy home doesn’t need to be a weight that falls squarely on mom’s shoulders. Delegate tasks to family members, and make it a weekly tradition. Turn on music, set a reasonable timer (or designate specific chores), and get to work! Afterwards, reward yourself with some hot chocolate and family time. Click here to view age-appropriate chores and schedules.

Speaking of delegating tasks, The Maids are here to pick up the slack. Let us help you accomplish your goal of a tidy home in 2021 by hiring us for Recurring Cleaning Services. You’ll love how your “new” home makes you feel like a new you. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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