header2Whether you live in a comfy cottage or a grand estate, your home is your personal domain. It’s that private place where you can escape from the demands of the outside world. Keeping it clean and fresh makes your home all the more welcoming at the end of a hectic day. With a few savvy cleaning tips and tricks, you can keep your home sparkling without spending all of your downtime slogging away at household chores.

Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips

Everything is easier to clean when the tools you need to get the job done are right at your fingertips. Place cleaning-wipe dispensers and microfiber cloths in all the places in your home where dust, dirt and grime tend to accumulate. Keep vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets and brooms in a conveniently located cabinet in the living room or kitchen. For weekly chores, invest in a cleaning caddy that keeps all your cleaners, brushes and scrubbers organized and easily accessible.

Smart Between-Clean Strategies

A few changes in behavior can save you significant time on housekeeping. Take a moment to wipe away condensation from the walls after a shower, for example, and you won’t have to worry about scrubbing mold from the grout later. A daily sweep of the wood, vinyl or tile floors in your home will help keep dirt from becoming embedded in the surface. A clean-as-you-go approach to household chores takes some getting used to, but it’s a habit that rewards you with more free time down the road.

Cleaning Tips That Help Banish Clutter

The best house cleaning tips won’t count for much if you have to waste time moving things around before you can tackle the job. Whether you’re dusting shelves, sweeping the floors or scrubbing countertops, clutter-free surfaces are much easier to clean. Reduce clutter by keeping everyday items like remotes, coasters and magazines in a tray or basket. Display knickknacks in glass cabinets where they won’t collect dust. Use kitchen organizers to free up countertop space. Clean surfaces can transform even the most time-consuming chores into quick and easy tasks.

Decorating Ideas

One of the most practical household cleaning tips is to keep future cleaning requirements in mind as you decorate your home. For example, the straightforward lines and streamlined forms of contemporary furnishings make them far easier to clean than intricately carved or heavily ornamented, traditional furniture. Take advantage of built-in storage solutions, too. From platform beds and benches to ottomans and coffee tables, pieces with hidden storage will help you keep clutter at bay while adding a fresh and tidy look to your home-sweet-home.

Know When to Get Help

Life has a way of shifting gears just when you think you’ve got everything under control. When things get so busy that even the most inspired cleaning house tips aren’t enough to maintain the pristine environment you want for your home, it’s time to enlist some help from The Maids. Just give us a call at 1-800-THE-MAIDS, and our professional cleaning services will freshen up your home in no time.

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