Make cleaning a group family project

School is back in session, and with extra activities like dance and soccer, the cleanliness of the house may suffer. A few fun tips will get the whole family involved in keeping the house clean.

  • Buy a large basket for each member of the family. Take five minutes to pick everything up in the living room, family room, kitchen and other community rooms that belong in bedrooms. Fill up the baskets, put the items away or put the baskets in rooms for older children (and spouses) to do it themselves.
  • Assign each member of the family a cleaning task. Depending on your children’s ages, assign either tasks or rooms. For instance, assign cleaning jobs by chore, like vacuum, dust, dishes, etc. or by room, like kitchen, bathroom, family room, dining room, etc.
  • Enlist the family’s help by encouraging age appropriate chores. Kids ages 10 and under can make beds and pick up rooms, while children older than 10 can vacuum, dust and wash floors. Strong members of the family can move appliances and clean behind them.
  • If everyone gets a job and everyone cleans the house then its inhabitants will be happier in one quick hour! Alternately, break up chores by scheduling common tasks for certain days of the week. This breaks down weekly chores into seven days.
  • Put individual cleaning duties on small pieces of paper, cut up and then place in a hat. Have the kids draw to see what duty they get. For a twist, do a trading system similar to a white elephant holiday gift exchange where kids can steal and trade cleaning jobs.
  • Tell kids they can keep all the change and dollar bills they find while vacuuming the furniture or doing the laundry. Feel free to “hide” small amounts of money to boost the incentive factor.
  • Who doesn’t love a squeegee? Leave a squeegee inside the shower and have each family member squeegee the walls after each shower. This reduces hard water buildup and a lot of scrubbing later on.

Developing a group approach not only keeps a home in better shape but it also instills in all family members, young and not-so-young, the importance of teamwork and maintaining a healthy living environment. Of course, local teams with The Maids can help, too!

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