1.2 Professional Kitchen Cleaning IdeasAt some point in your life, there comes a time when you’re not sure what to do with all your stuff. No matter how clean you keep your surroundings, life requires a certain amount of objects to get through the day—and those things can pile up. 

The kitchen in particular can be a tough place to keep organized. Just think of all the utensils and necessities you have in that aromatic domain: flatware, pots and pans, crystal, barbecue tongs, the list goes on. You use most of it at some point, but what do you do with it while it’s not in use?

There’s no better way to make cooking and cleaning around the kids easier than some solid—and sometimes creative—storage ideas.

Spice Rack

A spice rack may be an obvious kitchen storage idea, but if you don’t have one, you’ll be surprised by how much space it frees up. Besides keeping spices within reach, it may give you back a shelf (or more, depending on how much you season your salads) of space in your pantry.

Hanging Cups

Attach small hooks to the interior of a cabinet door—you can buy adhesive hooks from just about any large convenience store. Hang your measuring cups from these hooks to free up space in your drawers. Imagine how quickly you’ll be able to measure out the right amount of sugar for that pie you’re not going to share with your husband.

Tiered Cabinets

Pots and pans take up a ton of space, and getting to them can be a pain. How often have you reached into a dark cabinet, fumbled around for your saucepan and knocked your hand on a cheese grater? Install a sliding set of shelves in the cabinet where you keep your larger items. When you’re ready to use your soup tureen, simply pull out the shelves, look at them in broad daylight, and select the pot you want. No more causing a ruckus during your late-night lasagna binges!

Buckets, Shelves, and More

The space under the sink gets a bad rap. It starts with the best of intentions, but quickly degrades into a strange, dark place, choked with half-used cleaning supplies and, if you’re lucky, a garbage can. Give this space the love it deserves by investing in some under-sink storage. Start small: Purchase a bucket or container to hold your spray containers and brushes. Affix small shelves to the inside of the cabinet doors; these will hold frequently used cleaning utensils so you can easily grab them. For ultimate under-sink access, set a rotating tray inside to spin things around more quickly.

Storage Racks

How do you usually store your kitchen supplies? Stack them one on top of the other, right? That can make grabbing a particular plate or pot something of a project—one wrong move and you’ve got broken porcelain and a child grouchy about being awakened from his or her nap. Rather than stacking pots and dishes inside each other, invest in some storage racks to keep everything separate. That way, you won’t have to go digging to find the one you want. Easier on you and the people you’re trying to feed!

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