It’s the rare person that pops open their eyes on a Saturday morning and jumps out of bed to gleefully get started on the housekeeping tasks. This person is not me, not by a long shot. Whenever I’m faced with an insurmountable task, like tackling multiple layers of dust or bathroom fixtures caked with soap scum, I always think of the adage, “Work smarter, not harder.

There are a ton of great shortcuts that will not only streamline your housekeeping process but get you back to doing what you really enjoy on your day off.

Map a cleaning route.

  • It’s been said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Take a couple minutes to determine the best way to tackle your housekeeping list. It’ll save you precious time from crisscrossing across the house.

Keep cleaners handy.

  • Store bathroom cleaners and paper towels in the bathroom. Since these cleaners are usually pretty room-specific, it just makes sense to keep them where they’re needed most. Plus, it’s easy to wipe up a messy sink or spotted mirror if the tools you need are in reach.

Bins and baskets will save your sanity.

  • One of the biggest time wasters is clutter; picking it up and putting it away. Use bins to store those items that are constantly needed and constantly dropped on the floor – hats, gloves, backpacks, etc. Grab a basket and go from room-to-room grabbing any items that don’t belong, then enlist family members to put them back where they belong.

Start at the top.

  • Use gravity to your advantage and dust from the top down. Trust me on this one. I cleaned my carpets once, then noticed my ceiling fan needed serious attention. Guess where the dust went? All over my nice clean, still slightly-damp, carpet. Needless to say that spot was extra clean when all was said and done. Do yourself a solid and start with the ceiling and corners and work your way down to tabletops and window sills, saving the floors for last.

Speaking of ceiling fans …

  • The blades of your ceiling fan can get dusty, like really dusty. I could have avoided the above pitfall if I had used a pillowcase to dust them instead. Take the case and insert each blade inside, then simply pull it back out. The dust should stay inside the case and not on the floor.

Make your appliances pull double-duty.

  • Who says a vacuum is just for floors? Use your extension wand to suck up all the crumbs that inevitably end up inside cabinets and their corners. Your dishwasher is good for more than just dishes. Make it do the dirty work of cleaning light fixtures, pet dishes and plastic toys.

Let the cleaners do the hard work.

  • There are times when it’s best to leave a tough job for later. Hard water stains can be a beast to scrub. Instead, soak paper towels in undiluted vinegar and drape over faucets, handles and anywhere else hard water has left mineral deposits. Leave overnight and scrub in the morning. Your patience will be rewarded.

Let the professionals handle it.

  • There’s just something easier about keeping a clean house clean. The Maids can give your home the deep-clean it has been yearning for, giving you a head start to stay on top on your housekeeping tasks. You can schedule our cleaning services when it is convenient for you, whether it’s a couple times a year or even monthly. Our cleaning professionals can tackle the big jobs, leaving you more precious weekend relax-time.

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