Todd Russ knows how he likes his house cleaned, and The Maids get it right every time

Todd Russ is a self-described “picky” single guy who likes his Phoenix home neat and tidy with everything in its place.

“I decided I wanted things to look really nice but didn’t want to do it myself,” Russ says. “I wanted to find somebody I can trust, somebody who can do great work and somebody I can rely on.”

The Maids of Phoenix delivers on all counts and then some, he says.

Russ is a busy guy. He is a full-time employee in human resources for the National Guard in Arizona, he serves one weekend a month on active Guard duty and he is a five-year melanoma survivor who recently learned the cancer is back.

For Russ, returning home after a long day holds much meaning, and days The Maids have been there are restorative. “Every time I come back here it is like a new life for me,” he says.

Each month, the same team from The Maids of Phoenix cleans for him. He knows the team members by first name. A stickler, Russ wants no street shoes touching his carpets and the team members wear booties in his home. Every detail is the way he wants it, from care of the carpet to dust-free high edges. (Yes, he’s checked).

Attention to detail is one of our hallmarks at The Maids. We know our customers appreciate this – The Maids of Phoenix is one of five locations to win the coveted Quality Award for high customer satisfaction this year.

We also work with our customers when they have special requests. When Todd Russ has guests coming to town, he picks up the phone and calls. “They are good and will come here on short-term notice,” he says.

He’s even referred a National Guard officer who asked about home cleaning services to The Maids.

“On a five-point scale, they should get a 10,” Russ says. “I am a stickler. My expectations are high and these people are over the top.”

Our goal at The Maids is to make our customers happy and make their lives easier. Click here to find the nearest team from The Maids near you.

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