Get the Garage Ready for Winter

Garage cleaning tips for changing seasons Before it gets too chilly, tackle the garage. A neat garage will make it easier to spring back into spring, though it seems a long time off. Broken down into discreet tasks, garage organizing and cleanup is manageable. ¨

Bachelor’s Guide to Cleaning

Tips for men to “clean up” their love lives – and homes Dude, if your place smells – a good clean is way overdue. A clean home is a healthy home, but we at The Maids know some guys need a little extra boost. And a new love interest wanting to check out

A Fridge for all Seasons

Tips for Refrigerator Cleaning The seasons bring with them specific cleaning challenges for our refrigerators. Spring’s fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries or chard and other greens, are particularly perishable. If that asparagus in the crisper no longer looks

Work It Out!

Cleaning tips from The Maids to relieve stress Feeling frazzled? Cleaning up your living space may be a productive, easy way to relieve stress. According to The American Cleaning Institute a clean house makes people feel happy, satisfied, comfortable and healthy. Why

Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

Four-legged family members don’t have to rule the home As summer ends, pets will spend more time indoors which means more of everything – hair, dander, dumped water bowls and the occasional “accident.” Even the best-behaved dog or cat will create some extra work which

Put Fun in Family Cleaning

Make cleaning a group family project School is back in session, and with extra activities like dance and soccer, the cleanliness of the house may suffer. A few fun tips will get the whole family involved in keeping the house clean. Buy a large basket for each member

Dorm Room Cleaning Tips

Tackling dirty dishes, dingy clothes, and “What’s that Smell?” on your own Ah, freedom, independence, and the absence of prying parental eyes. College dorm living is all that and more – including the absence of done-for-you laundry, dish washing and housekeeping

Cleaning Mistakes and Myths

The Maids Debunks Common Cleaning Legends Mom, Grandma and other keepers of the family home across generations had their cleaning customs, rules and beliefs. Our understanding of what works best has evolved along with the products and tools that help keep homes clean,

One More Thing Before You Go!

Plane tickets and road maps burning holes in your pocket? Ours too. But before you go strapping suitcases to the roof of your car and hitting the road, check off a few easily forgettable, yet essential, items from your list before you check into your hotel. We know

Wash Winter Away from Patio Furniture

Lemonade and lazy days are calling your name. But does your winter-weary patio furniture look less than inviting? Getting your outdoor furniture ready for summer soirees is just another excuse to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. As chores go, it isn’t so bad. All

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