Get the Garage Ready for Winter

Garage cleaning tips for changing seasons Before it gets too chilly, tackle the garage. A neat garage will make it easier to spring back into spring, though it seems a long time off. Broken down into discreet tasks, garage organizing and cleanup is manageable. ¨

Bachelor’s Guide to Cleaning

Tips for men to “clean up” their love lives – and homes Dude, if your place smells – a good clean is way overdue. A clean home is a healthy home, but we at The Maids know some guys need a little extra boost. And a new love interest wanting to check out

Dorm Room Cleaning Tips

Tackling dirty dishes, dingy clothes, and “What’s that Smell?” on your own Ah, freedom, independence, and the absence of prying parental eyes. College dorm living is all that and more – including the absence of done-for-you laundry, dish washing and housekeeping

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