How to Wash Stuffed Animals Without Ruining Them

Many of us had favorite stuffed animals when we were kids—and there’s a good chance our parents never washed any of them. We’ll skip the nasty details, but suffice to say that kids’ messes can be a challenge. Thankfully, we know a lot more about dirt

How To Winterize Your Home

We obsess over spring cleaning after winter to clear out the season’s dust and germs, but it’s just as crucial to fall clean before winter arrives. Think about it; you don’t want to hunker down and shut yourself inside a dirty house for months. And you certainly

How to Clean Marble Floors

Before we get started learning how to clean marble floors, a quick primer on marble flooring will help lay the groundwork. Because marble is a natural material, it’s porous and usually protected with a sealant in high moisture areas like kitchens and bathrooms. When

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