Our Top Blogs of 2020

2020 was certainly a year to remember. We’ve all grappled with various challenges and have spent an unprecedented amount of time at home. Because of social distancing, the supervision of virtual learning, and working remotely, our homes have become important spaces, and keeping them clean has become more important than ever.

Take a look at our best blogs of the year; each details an important aspect of keeping our homes healthy, clean, happy, and organized.

How to Prevent the Coronavirus by Disinfecting Your Home

In order to keep yourself and your family healthy, experts are advising on the necessary steps to keep your home free of illness-causing germs. This comprehensive piece provides advice about effective home disinfectants, using bleach to clean, how to disinfect toys, and keeping a proper housekeeping schedule.

19 Amazing Uses for Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers

Thanks to our partnership with P&G, our cleaning teams use Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers to scrub out hard-to-remove dirt and grime as part of our 22-Step Cleaning Process. If you’re looking to touch things up between cleanings, get these magical erasers for yourself and give your home the professional gleam it deserves. Learn all about Mr. Clean products and how to use the nifty Magic Eraser.

The Do’s & Don’ts for Cleaning Stainless Steel

Stainless steel presents more of a challenge than other finishes because it shows fingerprints and streaks easily. Learn about how to clean stainless steel appliances; the good news is, the best stainless steel cleaner is probably already in your house!

A Sticky Situation: How to Get Rid of Cobwebs

Creeper crawlies sneak into cracks and crevices to build webs that capture fresh meals and collect dust. What makes a cobweb is the species of spider that abandons its creation after completion. Unless you’re really into year-round Halloween decorations, click here, to find out more about how to get rid of cobwebs.

How Long Does It Take to Clean a House?

It’s understandable. When you hire a cleaning service, you’re curious about the time commitment. How long does a deep cleaning take? We break it down, room by room, so you can have a solid idea about what’s happening in your home. We can guarantee two things: we’re thorough while fast and you’ll love the results.

How to Safely Clean and Sanitize Your Electronics

Electronics are magnets for dust, dirt and grimy fingerprints and they can be difficult to clean. Since we use them so frequently, it’s extra important to remember to clean, and remember to do it. Learn how to sanitize phones, laptops, and other important electronics.

Tips for a Consistently Clean Home During COVID-19

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by household tasks, leave it to us to provide some simple tips for keeping a clean home. This blog includes easy ways to keep your home clean and tidy, including a realistic house cleaning schedule. With our help, you’ll definitely be able to keep up your “clean home” New Year’s resolution.

20 Songs to Pump You Up for Cleaning Your Home

Listening to some great music while cleaning doesn’t just relieve boredom; it can actually improve the quality of your work and will put you in a better mood. Cleaning often gets a bad rap, but even tedious chores can be fun. Crank up these tunes and sing along as you combat dirt and dust.

How to Clean a Shower

As simple as it sounds, learning how to keep a shower clean isn’t just about cleaning. Keeping your shower sparkling is also about minimizing the growth of mold, mildew, and keeping germs and bacteria at bay. These steps are simple, but thorough, and will help keep your bathroom both clean and healthy.

The Magic Of Mr. Clean: What Can’t You Clean With Magic Erasers?

The Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean acts as a powerful micro scrubber on dirt on nearly all surfaces around your home. It is made to clean walls, bathtubs, oven doors and more, but there’s much more this little power tool can do. Just add water and try these creative hacks. 

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