Last week, my coworker needed a ride home. After I cheerfully offered to drop her off, she opened the door to my car, and panic immediately hit. “Sorry my car is a mess, it’s not always liked this,” I murmured softly as I looked around at the French fries on the floor and spilled coffee in the cup holder- an obvious sign that this wasn’t the “only” time my family car had been neglected.  As embarrassment quickly set in I realized that my car is messy more than it is clean and I vowed to make a change in my habits.

Between driving to and from work and running your kids to football practice or school events, it’s not always easy to keep your car clean. A cluttered or distracting car can also be a hazard while driving as you or your passengers try to find that missing receipt or overdue library book. After my embarrassing moment with my co-worker I vowed to keep my car presentable to both random passengers and my precious family. Here are a few simple tips for keeping your car clean:

  1. Use a plastic bag for garbage and empty it out every time you get out of the car. If you spill something, wipe it up IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Put a plastic container in the rear of your car to keep “stuff” in. If you have a trunk, use a storage bin or organizer for groceries or to prevent odds and ends from rolling all over the place.
  3. Put a rubber band over the visor to hold important documents or lose papers.
  4. Make a point to not leave anything in your car when you get out. I also wash weekly to keep the exterior clean.
  5. Develop a routine. Every time you get gas, for example, make a point to tidy up.

For most people, myself included, our cars are an extension of our home.  It’s important to prioritize keeping it neat and tidy on a regular basis. In the end, you’ll have less cleaning to do and feel a sense of pride next time you offer a ride to friend.


Miss A


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