Organize Like A Man

It may go without saying that men and women approach life from different perspectives, and this is no less true than when it comes to home organization. Here’s how bridging the gender gap can help keep your house in order.

Divide and Conquer. When faced with a closet overhaul, women tend to see memories and ideas (the “hot date” dress, the “I got the job!” power suit, the “someday I’m going to look amazing in this” mini skirt, to name a few from my closet). Men, on the other hand, tend to see…clothes. Overcoming this emotional attachment is easier with a brutally honest friend and three sorting sections clearly labeled “Donate,” “Repair,” and “Keep.”

Be Systematic. Another great way to keep track of what clothes you actually wear is to turn all of the hangers in your closet so that the hook comes toward the front. As you wear an item, return it to the rack with the hook facing the back. Any item left unturned by the 12-month mark might be better served in someone else’s closet.

Take the Path of Least Resistance. Take stock of your cleaning and clutter patterns. If you are constantly picking up towels off the bathroom floor, check out the room. Are there enough hooks available? Is the towel bar too high or in the wrong place to be useful? When junk mail started to take over our entryway, my husband placed a recycling bin near the front door. Now, unnecessary items barely make it into the house.

Game On. When all else fails, turn it into a game. Place a basketball hoop above the trash bin or set a timer and try to beat the clock (make sure to reward yourself sufficiently when you do). Involve the whole family in a game akin to “musical chairs”; decide on a song, designate a bin, closet, or drawer per person, and challenge them to organize it before the song is over. Give the winner a trophy (or something from the junk drawer).


Tell us, what cleaning tips have you gleaned from the men in your life?

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