Wouldn’t it be nice to have a few extra hands to help out around the house?

That’s what we’re here for. No matter the size of your home, we always send four of our professionally trained and certified maids to ensure your home gets cleaned from top to bottom, every time. Having four maids makes a difference:

We are big on team work. Our system enables each team of maids to go to the same homes every visit, and further allows each team member to complete the same tasks every time. Their familiarity with the space and surfaces ensures that no nook or cranny gets left behind.

Our Maids don’t linger. With a four-member team, we can guarantee our 22-Step Healthy Touch Cleaning System is always completed in a timely manner. We don’t spend hours in your home like other maid services; we like to get in, do our job and leave you to enjoy your healthy, happy home. “It would take one person 12 hours to clean as thorough as The Maids do. With a consistent team of maids you are definitely going to get synergy from the team,” says Mark Gilbert, owner of The Maids in Sterling, Va.

We don’t look, we feel. Our maids understand that you can’t always see grime and dust on granite counter-tops and other surfaces, which is why we feel every surface to check our work. Each team of maids has a team leader who walks around and double-checks the work. Our team leaders are trained to find any missed spots and delegate further action to make sure the work is done, and done correctly.

We know it’s hard to trust four people in your home while you’re out – that’s why our team leaders are trained to walk around each room and make note of what is where. They log important items and make sure everything is in its proper place before the team leaves. Our team leaders are there to help you feel comfortable about safely leaving your home and belongings.

“The leader of the team is really the cheerleader,” Mark says. “They are really the meat of the clean.”

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