Karleen and Vin Dell'Ova

Karleen Dell’Ova says her monthly cleaning by The Maids is the last thing she will give up.

Dell’Ova has used The Maids of North Hampton, N.H., since 2003 when, with their two children grown and out of the house, she and her husband Vin moved to a retirement community in nearby Durham.

In need of some help, Dell’Ova agreed to give her neighbor’s cleaning woman a try. The experience was less than ideal. The woman not only spent hours in the house cleaning but made scheduling a nightmare due to occasional illness and other commitments that repeatedly got in the way.

“It did not work for me,” she said. “I wanted a company.”

Eight years later, Dell’Ova is still delighted with The Maids’ attention to detail, professionalism and customer service.

“I would give up my iPad, my iPhone, whatever to have The Maids,” Dell’Ova said. “I told my husband that when he retires, The Maids will be the last thing to go.”

Karleen and Vin Dell’Ova live in a two-story, 2,400-square foot condo. The main floor has an open design with a master bedroom suite while the second floor houses an extra bedroom, office and the man cave. When the couple moved in, they upgraded the worn hardwood floors and are still impressed with their team’s careful attention to the floor’s specific needs.

“They are up on all of the products and they really know more than I do,” she says.

Despite the condo’s central vacuum system, The Maids are sure to use their over-the-shoulder vacuum with a HEPA filter to ensure every inch of the house is covered. A team member even brushes the rug’s edges to get rid of dust and dirt but is careful to keep them in good shape.

Karleen uses The Maids once a month and the schedule keeps her on track with routine cleaning but spares her the heavy-duty stuff. The deep-cleaning makes upkeep easy. “I am a cleaner but I can’t clean on the bathtubs like they do,” she says. “I don’t have the strength to do it that quickly.”

With The Maids, Karleen has more time to spend on activities important to her. She has been involved in the arts all her life, teaching music in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Arizona. She founded a national guild school of the arts in New Hampshire and worked at an art museum in Maine. These days, she volunteers for Durham’s new agriculture commission, their condo association and with her church and ministry work.

Karleen and Vin travel often, and rather than scrub the kitchen floors, she likes to play accordion, paint, swim, garden, fly kites and snowshoe. “We have so many guests that we sometimes feel we are running a bed-and-breakfast,” she says. “Not much time to clean!”

Vin is 62. Karleen is 65. With The Maids, they have more time to enjoy their cottage getaway in York, Maine. Karleen already has warned her husband, a district sales manager at Waters Corporation, that when he retires The Maids won’t be retiring with him. She’s warned her cleaning team, too.

“I told them that I’ll be here, in bed or in a wheelchair and you are still coming,” Karleen says. “They are going to be here doing what they do.”

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