Make Your Valentine Feel Special with these Simple Home Keeping Gestures 

When it comes to Valentine’s Day presents, the classics include heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and adorable teddy bears. Traditionalist gift-givers might stick to the dozen long-stemmed roses and a sentimental, handwritten card. There’s certainly nothing wrong with traditional, but this year, consider gifting something both unexpected and appreciated.

Messy homes create stress. With the constant nature of everyday chores and the comings and goings of family members, our homes can sometimes feel disorderly and chaotic. This Valentine’s Day, when love is in the air, give your special someone the gift of a cleaner home. Here’s what to take care of:

Do the dishes. 

All of them… yes, even those pesky, “soaking” pots and pans. Run the dishwasher and empty it so it’s all ready for the following day. Deal with any lingering dish-related chores, like washing baby bottles or quick cleaning plastic kid toys. 

Plan a nice meal.

Prepare something delicious and satisfying that you know your Valentine will love. It could be a new, special recipe you’d like to try or a tried and true favorite. If you’re not into cooking, hear us out: take out. It’s a win-win! The food is great, and the cleanup is minimal. 

Tidy up. 

Save your spouse the back pain by picking up all those odds and ends off the floor. Pick up the toys, put away the hamper full of folded laundry, and clear the clutter off of the kitchen counter. The neatness will be enough to help you both breathe a sigh of relief.

Attend to some details. 

Your loved one will really notice that extra attention was paid when the little things are completed. So, after the larger cleaning tasks are checked off the list, see if there’s anything extra you can take care of. Make the beds, return throw pillows to their proper location, dust the mantel and other surfaces, and light a scented candle.

Make the floors shine.

There’s something about a freshly vacuumed space that just feels calming. Take a big task off your Valentine’s to-do list by vacuuming and cleaning all floors. The space will look and feel nice and relaxing. 

Clean bathrooms. 

Wipe and clear counters, clean floors, sanitize toilets, and spray mirrors. This is a much better gift than those chalky candy hearts, if you ask us.   

Let’s face it: a clean house is everyone’s love language. Not only is a tidy environment calming; taking care of the chores themselves is a huge time saver. Consider gifting the whole family with a fresh abode by purchasing a gift certificate for The Maids. Our 22-Step Cleaning Process is thorough, and your happiness is guaranteed.

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