Interior designers, with a combination of both talent and training, create impeccable homes. In addition to the actual design elements, color, texture, and furniture selection, intentionality is a characteristic that sets designers apart from the rest of us well-intentioned decorators.

Every item in a designer’s home was picked for a purpose: to reinforce an aesthetic, carry out a function, or both. The following tips will help your home look and feel like it was professionally put together.

Make your bed every day.

There’s something about a crisply made bed that screams, “I have my life together.” Putting your bed back together every day is a simple way to make your bedroom appear tidy. Add a mixture of differently textured throw pillows to the bed for a magazine-worthy look.

Choose items that are stylish and sensible.

As it relates to furniture and larger pieces, look for things that are functional. Think about how they might incorporate closed storage (such as an ottoman that can hold blankets or baskets on open shelves). 

Keep counters clear.

A basic rule held by designers is that each item in your house requires a specified “home” of its own. When everything has a place, picking up becomes less of a chore. But, organization isn’t just a one-time job. Ask any Type-A Mom, and they’ll tell you: the key to clear counters is making daily decisions. Spend ten minutes a day putting things away; it’ll make a giant difference.

Update your design with small, seasonal items.

When it comes to trends and holiday décor, consider how you can make a big impact in a small way. Seasonal pillow covers, faux foliage, candles, or accent colors are easy ways to make a fun change without switching out larger, more expensive items.

Go green.

What can be said about a healthy diet can also be applied to housekeeping: add something green. Whether it’s a bouquet of fresh flowers on the dining room table, an easy-care succulent, or a beautiful fiddle leaf fig, the addition of a natural element is refreshing for any space.

Decoration and design are important, but when it comes to your home, nothing matters more than cleanliness. Let us help you get your place nice and fresh, so that you can focus on the fun stuff. Contact The Maids today.

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