In a hard working world with minimal free time, cleaning the house is one of those little relationship stressors that can turn into an ugly elephant over night.

The Maids of Nashville owners, Ross and Ronda Anderson, will be the first to tell you that fussing over cleaning duties was enough to put them over the edge. Tired of spending their Saturday afternoons arguing over vacuuming and dusting, the Andersons decided that couples counseling was not the solution — calling The Maids was.

The Andersons are not alone. According to a survey conducted by The Soap and Detergent Association, now the American Institute of Cleaning, housework can cause major friction between both married couples and unmarried couples living together. They discovered that 46 percent of couples who live together argue about cleaning and 27 percent of these couples argue about who should be doing the cleaning.

Some findings:

  • Women claim they do 79 percent of the cleaning in their household. Men admit they only do 35 percent.
  • Couples with children fight more about cleaning. 55 percent of couples with children in the household argue over cleaning as compared to 38 percent of households that have no children.
  • Infrequency is the biggest weakness cited. Just over 50 percent say their partner’s biggest cleaning weakness is not cleaning often enough.
  • Cutting corners irks clean-minded mates. 41 percent complain that their spouse or significant other vacuums and dusts around items instead of moving them.
  • Kitchen and bath habits are annoying. Nearly four out of 10 respondents are irritated by their mate’s failure to clean up after using the kitchen and the bathroom. Almost half of the women have this complaint, compared with 24 percent of men for kitchens and 16 percent for bathrooms.

To be sure, this industry survey dates to 1999 but the issues seem timeless. A 2008 University of Michigan study, for example, found that marriage increased the average woman’s housekeeping by 7 hours a week.

Often, in iffy economic times like these, many couples cut out cleaning services to save some money but the belt-tightening doesn’t make “domestic discussions” disappear. Couples not only waste valuable time and emotional energy over household chores but two-thirds of them think the cleaning abilities of their partner are below average.

Below average is not part of our language at The Maids….We have spent 32 years perfecting our cleaning strategies and can assure you our professional team of maids won’t let your relationship down.

At least it didn’t for the Andersons. Pleased with their clean home and dissipated debacles Ross and Ronda decided to become franchise owners to share the wealth of happiness.

Let The Maids rethink your free time and help you find marital bliss.

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