Liven Up Your Home Decor With These 5 Plants

Nothing freshens up a room like a houseplant. They clean the air, give decor a soft visual interest, and provide a relaxing routine to homeownership. With so many varieties out there right now, the question isn’t where to put a plant, but how many to get.

Best houseplants for bright rooms

Anthurium is a fun and funky houseplant that comes in a variety of single-petal bloom colors, although red is most common. Its heart-shaped leaves are stunning on their own, especially as the plant reaches its full size of two to three feet high. Keep this one in bright, but indirect, sun and in evenly moist soil.

Other great favorites: Aloe vera, asparagus fern, snake plant

Best houseplants for bathrooms

Aglaonema, also known as the Chinese evergreen, is a red-tipped houseplant that thrives in low-light environments. While it doesn’t bloom, its tinged leaves provide a burst of color, making it perfect for bathrooms that don’t get much sunlight. Another bonus: It tolerates a fair bit of neglect, so the moisture from your shower may be enough to keep it going if (when) you forget to water it.

Other great favorites: the prayer plant, English ivy, anthurium, and Hoya (wax plant)

Best houseplants for kitchens

One of the reasons we love African Spear (Sansevieria cylindrica) for the kitchen is its unique upright habit—it won’t interlope on your precious counterspace. It takes on an almost sculptural form and looks stunning in almost every style of pot, making it both a conversation piece and a showstopper. The best part—it thrives in both light and dark conditions, but not overly wet ones; water it once every two weeks and you’ll both be happy. Want something for your window sill? Keep reading.

Other great favorites: winter jasmine, goldfish plant, and calamondin orange

Best houseplants for bedrooms

The goldfish plant (nematanthus) is a little charmer that blooms all year round and features small, waxy leaves along long stems. It likes partial sunlight, so if you have a dresser that doesn’t get direct sun, this gem will be quite happy. Keep it evenly moist, fertilized, and in the right sized pot for its growth, and you’ll have a green companion that will be lovely to wake up to every day.

Other great favorites: spider plant, dracaena, devil’s ivy.

Best houseplants for rooms with low light

If your house or condo doesn’t have a wild abundance of natural light, you still have plenty of plants you can choose from, including Heartleaf Philodendron, arguably one of the most popular houseplants of all time. Easy to care for and extremely low-light tolerant, philodendron comes in several varieties and loves to trail its vines from a basket or up a trellis for the full effect.

Other great favorites: the African ZZ Plant, the parlor palm, and the corn plant.

Which houseplants are your favorites?

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