leap year cleaning listAbout 2000 years ago, Julius Caesar helped develop a calendar that would build in an extra 24 hours every four years to ensure our time measurement system stayed in line with the earth’s movement around the sun. Little did he know that his “Julian Calendar” would also give a few of us a little more time to complete some of the more arduous cleaning tasks.

After all, there are some cleaning tasks you know you need to do every day, every week, or every year. There are a few that never happen (it’s okay, we understand). And there are some tasks you may be able to get away with doing every four years. (Sorry, bathrooms didn’t make the list).

Ready for your Leap Year cleaning list?

Wash walls.

Yes, some people do this. And for good reason. Over time, fingerprints and dust build up, dulling the surface of the paint and making the walls look greasy and grimy. If you’ve never washed a wall in your life, then doing it as a leap year cleaning task may seem like a lot to ask. You won’t doubt the reasons when you finish a room and look into your bucket, however. Believe us, once you know what to look for, it may be hard to stop, especially once you get a look at your baseboards. (Remember, you can hire Maids at any time.)

Look Before You Leap Year Note: Some walls should be done twice a year (or more), especially those in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and stairways. You can spot clean as needed in these areas and around light switches using warm water and a mild soap.

Clean curtains.

For most of us, curtains are definitely one of those “set-it-and-forget-it” type of décor items. While we would recommend laundering or dry-cleaning your curtains once a year, it’s not always necessary. In bedrooms, guest rooms, and family rooms, for instance, you can get away with not cleaning your curtains for an extended period of time, especially if you don’t have small children or pets coming into contact with them. Just know that the longer you have in between cleanings, the harder they may be to clean.

To extend their life in the meantime, make sure to open them fully (or close blinds) during the day to prevent sun bleaching and give them a good shake once in a while to release any dust.

Look Before You Leap Year Note: Dining room and kitchen curtains will probably need to be done more often, particularly if you have little hands or paws in the mix or you do a lot of cooking.

Replace your bed linens.

Nothing breathes new life into a bedroom like new linens. Whether you replace just your sheets and mattress pad or go for the whole ensemble, you’ll be amazed what a new color or pattern can do for the look of a room, and what fresh, soft sheets can do for a good night’s rest.

Good linens should last four to five years, if properly cared for and used. Fitted sheets should be snug and flat sheets should tuck fully around three sides of the bed. Replace your mattress pad once it no longer has enough batting to do its job properly. 

Look Before You Leap Year Note: Don’t fret about crazy high thread counts; what’s more important is the type of cotton used. Go with what feels nice to you at the higher end of your price range, and don’t be afraid of patterns or color if it strikes you.

You may feel the need to do these more often (we probably would), but the truth is, unless you hire a maid service, you probably won’t have the time or the energy to tackle these tasks as often as some experts would suggest. So, do what you can, when you have time, and if that’s every four years, at least you can dedicate February 29th as your leap year cleaning reminder date.

Happy Leaping from The Maids!

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