Kitchen Efficiency- 6 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Work for You















No matter the age or style of a home, every kitchen inside has its own quirks and personality. If you find yourself fighting with your kitchen’s layout, or cupboard configuration or countertop space, check out these five simple tips to help you make the most of the busiest room in the house.

  • Let go of convention. Fifteen years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find people putting plates into drawers and open shelving above the sink. Now it’s mainstream. The most important thing you can do is to organize your kitchen the way you actually use it, not how it may have been originally intended. That may mean your cookbooks go in a cupboard that’s designed for coffee cups or vertically filing your muffin tins above the microwave.
  • Doorway to heaven. The insides of cupboard doors have untapped space for all sorts of common kitchen items and tasks. Think spices (kept away from heat sources), cleaning supplies, tin foil and other rolled paper, pot lids, the list goes on. You can also apply removable whiteboard sheets to the keep an out-of-site list of grocery needs, chores, and other reminders.
  • Use them, don’t lose them. Keep everyday cooking utensils like whisks, spatulas, kitchen shears, and tongs within reach. Corral them in a sturdy vase, pitcher, or pretty flowerpot and place them close to the stove. Find out what you use on a daily basis and make it easy for you to find.
  • Move it or lose it. On the opposite point, if you don’t use them, it may be time to lose them. When kitchen real estate is valuable, ask yourself if hanging on to a waffle iron that gets used twice a year or that crockpot that is only big enough for dips is worth your sanity. Donate or consider storing in a different location.
  • Embrace the lazy. The lazy susan, that is. These spinning shelves of ultimate accessibility let you make the most of difficult cabinets and countertop corners. Don’t limit yourself to spices; lazy susans make quick work of grouping like items and making them easy to find. Think cleaning products, flavored oils, and sandwich condiments.
  • Don’t forget the kitchen sink. Or the cabinet that holds it. Often relegated to spray bottles and the garbage can, this cabinet typically offers a place to hide awkwardly shaped items. Clear acrylic drawers add instant organization. A suspension rod that spans the entire space is perfect for hanging spray bottles and wet wash gloves. So many possibilities.

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