The Maids Heat Things Up In The Kitchen
We’ve written a lot about kitchen cleaning in the years this blog has been published, so we thought we’d take a moment to consolidate our favorite and most popular posts and present them in one handy place.

If you find yourself snowed in or cabin-fevered, use these tips to give your kitchen a fresh makeover. And treat yourself to some hot chocolate while you are at it.

  • Get Scandalous. Sometimes all it takes to breathe new energy into a cleaning routine is to spice it up a bit.  In other words, sometimes in order to clean, you have to get a little dirty. We dare you not to have fun prettifying your drawers and grabbing a wild date.
  • Instant satisfaction. Since kitchen maintenance is a daily—if not hourly—chore, you’ll want use your time as wisely as possible. This post contains our most popular hacks to clean your kitchen faster.
  • Inspect your gadgets. Microwaves, blenders, toasters, and food processors are all a part of the modern kitchen, and are, unfortunately, some of the messier parts. We offer tips to clean all of your small kitchen appliances.
  • Show your appliances some love. It’s easy to take your refrigerator for granted. Or your stove. Or your dishwasher. We offer great tips on how to keep these kitchen appliances running for a long time, saving you food, money, and aggravation. Read on for ways to clean your fridge and clean your oven.
  • Bi-annual Bionics. The good news? You only have to do these kitchen tips twice a year. The bad news? You’re probably due to start them. Use our handy kitchen cleaning printout as your guide and get started!

And remember, if it is too daunting, or you just don’t know where to start, call us.. We’ll give you the clean start you need to keep cleaning it forward, 1-800 THE MAIDS.

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