These bacteria blasting, funk finishing, cleaning with ease gadgets are here to help you protect the heart of your home.













We’re always looking for ways to help our clients maintain a lasting clean in their kitchens. Here are a few gadgets that keep the heart of your home running smoothly:

  • Dishwasher / Disposal combos: Want to make quick work of dishes? Find a dishwasher that comes with some extra muscle. And a few more teeth. Dishwashers with built-in food grinders eliminate the de-chunking step that slows down dinner clean up. Owners of such appliances report fewer repeat washings, fewer complaints from allowance-motivated help, and more time to enjoy an empty kitchen sink.
  • Hand-held Steam Cleaners: If the thought of cleaning the kitchen (again) gets you fuming, put that hot air to good use with a hand-held steam cleaner. Hot, forceful steam can weaken the resolve of baked-on stovetop grease, food bacteria, and grimy grout, and it does it without the use of harsh or expensive chemicals. Another added benefit—these cleaning tools are equally useful in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even carpets and upholstery. Be sure to follow use instructions. These can get very hot and the steam can cause burns.
  • Hands Free Anything: We love the one-touch faucets and motion activated soap dispensers—the less grime we can add to these kitchen staples, the better. Something else to consider is a baseboard central vacuum; just sweep, turn it on, and watch dust and crumbs swoosh out of site.
  • Shelf Organizers: From lazy Susans to pull out cabinet shelves and baskets, shelf organizers make easy work of finding and putting away. They maximize your storage potential and allow you to get more items off your kitchen counters and into their own space. Don’t forget your cabinet doors; they are great places to create additional storage for spices, baking foils, cleaning products, and more.
  • Command Centers: No matter the size of your family, chances are paperwork is trying to take over your kitchen. Take back control with a command center. Usually centered on a magnetic chalkboard, a dry erase board, or a corkboard, command centers rein in important papers, assignments, to do lists, calendars, grocery lists, etc. End the paper trail before it hits your kitchen counter, and put them up where you can see them (or put them in the recycle bin, where most of them belong).


When it comes to keeping a kitchen clean, it’s never a bad idea to ask for help. Gadgets like these make kitchen cleanup almost fun. Well, almost.

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