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Out of the mouths of babes…comes pretty great cleaning advice. Since kids are particularly skilled at creating messes, we asked eight kids between the ages of three and nine a few pressing questions about housework, chores, and cleaning tips. It turns out they have a lot to say on the matter.

What is your favorite chore and why?

Elliana, age 7: I don’t like cleaning. If I had to…dust. Because it’s very easy.
Owen, age 9: Probably putting away the dishes because…I don’t know.
Ross, age 6: Every chore. Because they are boring.
Pru, age 9: Ummmmmm…………..
Lang, age 7: Cleaning with a sponge or towel. Definitely. Or a vacuum. Because it’s fun to do.
Violet, age 7: It’s not unloading the dishwasher. No one likes to do that.

If you had to clean up your whole room in three minutes, what would you do first?

Avery, age 3: Books.
Elliana, age 7: Put away my makeup and clothes. Because I like my makeup and clothes.
Owen, age 9: I’d clean up my bed.
Cruz, age 6: I’d clean my closet first because my closet is always messy and I never clean it very much.
Pru, age 9: I’d organize my desk.
Lang, age 7: Under my bed.

How long do you think it takes to clean the whole house?

Avery, age 3: 5 minutes
Ross, age 6: 30 hours
Elliana, age 7: All of it?!?!? 500 million hours.
Owen, age 9: An hour
Pru, age 9: Our house? Because I don’t know about other houses. I’d say an hour and ten minutes, but it depends on how messy it is.
Lang, age 7: About an hour.
Violet, age 7: I don’t know. My mom never stops cleaning ours.

What is the fastest way to clean?

Avery, age 3: Daddy!
Owen, age 9: Teamwork.
Elliana, age 7: Throw it all in the closet.
Cruz, age 6: A vacuum. And using your hands.
Pru, age 9: Getting paid to do it.
Lang, age 7: Using all the cleaning materials you have.
Violet, age 7: Shut the door.

How many cleaning products do you think you’d need to clean our bathroom?

Owen, age 9: One or two.
Elliana, age 7: Wipes. That’s all.
Ross, age 6: Eight.
Pru, age 9: Five.
Lang, age 7: Three.
Violet, age 7: Three: Soap, gloves and a mask.

What is your favorite thing to clean?

Avery, age 3: Dinosaurs!
Cruz, age 6: My room. Because I like the color, and it’s cool, and I just like cleaning my bedroom.
Pru, age 9: Washing the dishes by hand.
Lang, age 7: The bathroom. (Really?) Yup. Even Dad’s.
Violet, age 7: My plate.

Any cleaning tips?

Owen, age 9: Always work together.
Pru, age 9: If you do your work, you’ll have more time to play.
Lang, age 7: Do your best work.
Violet, age 7: Don’t complain about it or you could get more to do.

What is one thing that people sometimes forget to clean that is really dirty?

Cruz, age 6: I think maybe their closets. And their rooms.
Pru, age 9: Their rooms.
Lang, age 7: Their noses.

There you have it, folks. This sampling of the world’s best mess makers has given us some pretty sound housecleaning tips—and a little insight on what they pick up (and pick up on) around the house.

To summarize:

1. Do your favorite chore first.
2. Use enough of the right products to get the job done.
3. Keep your nose clean.
4. And if all else fails, toss it in the closet (or blame it on the dinosaurs).
5. Use teamwork. And we have just the housecleaning team in mind.

Keep the clean fun going! Ask the kids in your life the above questions and see what they say. We’d love to hear their responses below! 🙂

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