This is the year you are going to do it. You are going to use these tricks to get tidy and stay that way.

(Repeating the above is helpful).

(So is reading what we have below).


Straight to the source.

If you want your house to stay cleaner, longer, you have to tackle the problem at the source.

  • Some of this may involve training family members to put things back where they found them.
  • Some of this may involve making that feat easier to do.
  • Some of this may involve fewer things.

In this five-blog series, we’re going to tackle five problem areas in your home and give you some simple, actionable ways to curb clutter, keep items organized, and help each space contribute to your calm instead of taking away from it.

The problem areas these organizing hacks will address in each post are:

  • Your kitchen
  • Your living room
  • Your bathrooms
  • Your bedroom
  • Your home office

Before we get started in the individual areas, there are so some overarching tips and tricks that can get you started, particularly if you have some downtime between the holidays.

Let’s talk trash.

Think about what you do in each room of your home, specifically regarding trash. Trashcans in living rooms may seem weird or off-putting, but if you’re constantly picking up wrappers and food from this area, it may be worth tucking one nearby and reminding everyone to use it. If you don’t want another trashcan to empty, it may be time to limit eating to specific rooms in the house.


Understand surface clean.

Flat surfaces collect clutter like a paperclip to a magnet. Because they also take up the largest part of your visual field, the more you can keep tables, floors, beds, and countertops clear, the cleaner and more spacious these areas feel. The biggest clutter culprit is paper; the sooner you develop a system for recycling, the better.


Increase functionality.

I’ve long touted the use of dual-function furniture as a great way to keep a house in order. That’s why I have dressers in every room of my home and why nearly everything I don’t sit on is storing one thing or another (my mind is in there somewhere). If you don’t want to work at organizing your home every day, then it’s worth finding furniture that can handle some of the clutter control for you.


Start purging.

I’m going to venture a guess that this is a necessary evil for most of us. We all have closets with clothes that don’t flatter and shelves with books we don’t read, games we don’t play, and knick-knacks we don’t dust. Make a promise to yourself this year that you will surround yourself only with things that bring you bliss. If it’s hard to part with some items, just remove them for a while; put them in a box in the attic and give yourself some space to decide. You may find you didn’t miss them like you thought you would.


Dare to dream.

It’s important in the process to keep seeing your organized life play out. Imagine how easy it will be to find matching socks, put the dishes away, find the toilet paper, pay the bills, and relax on the couch.

Picture a clean house at the end of the day.


Picture making your morning coffee in a clutter-free kitchen.


Picture more space and more smiles around every moment.


Keeping a house clean is much easier than cleaning and re-cleaning it. This is your goal. This is your year.

What organizing hacks will you use to keep the house tidy in 2017? Tell us in the comments!

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