When we remodeled this kitchen five years ago, I seem to remember ordering a huge slab of beautiful granite to go right on to of our center island. It had lovely golden flecks. There was a gorgeous vein of white that accented one side. It really tied the whole kitchen together.

And now I’ve lost it.

Okay, not really. But it does disappear on occasion, and it’s starting to frustrate me. I would venture to guess that, out of all the time I spend in my kitchen, I spend about 80% of it trying to find counter space. I haven’t calculated this officially, of course (who has the time for that?), but it feels like I’m in a perpetual state of shoving to one side, stacking, and wiping down, just so I can make room for something else.


No matter what is going on in your home, clean, uncluttered countertops give you a huge step in the right direction. So let’s take huge steps this week. Let’s talk about how to keep your kitchen clean, whether it’s after a weekly cleaning service from the Maids or a during your everyday life.

We’ve written extensively on kitchen organization and kitchen cleaning tips. Below are our favorite blogs and our favorite tips from each.

The Kitchen Diet

Ever wonder how you could shed unwanted pounds in your kitchen? Start with your cupboards. The more space you have behind closed doors, the more you can use it for items that would normally lurk on your countertops, taking up precious space.

Quick Tip: If you only make waffles once every six months, donate the waffle maker and take yourself out for breakfast. The same goes for any other appliance you never use.

Organization Hacks for Your Kitchen

Wrangle in pot lids, spice containers, and more with simple tricks that allow your kitchen to go with the flow. When items are just as easy to put back as they are to take out, your kitchen stays cleaner, longer.

How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean While Cooking

This one is a must-read for our home chefs, particularly because cooking is often the most common way for countertops to disappear.

Quick Tip: Empty your dishwasher before you start, and you can load it as you go, keeping your sink and space free for the next task.

More Tips On How To Clean Your Kitchen

This article breaks down things you can do every day of the week to stay on top of kitchen clutter, from making a weekly task of scrubbing to tweaking your cooking style.

Make Your Kitchen Work for You

We all have things we love and hate about our kitchens. Here’s where you learn to embrace what you have so that you aren’t working against any of it.

Quick Tip: Use lower cupboards and drawers for dishes so that kids can help unload the dishwasher.

If you’ve lost sight of the favorite parts of your kitchen, there is hope. Just keep the above tips in mind and, if all else fails, give us a call. We can help you find room for the important things in your life.

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