The Maids offers tips to keep your home healthy and your heart happy

February is Heart Awareness month - go figure!

Did you know that this February is National Heart Awareness month? Make sure your home is clean and your heart is happy with these simple tips from The Maids.

– Scrub away stress while cleaning the floors the old fashioned way – on hands and knees. Use a folded towel to cushion your knees and slide around the room.

– Turn on music you enjoy to help put you in a better mood.

– Repetitive actions are proven to be relaxing. Try dusting, washing windows or vacuuming to reap the benefits of repetition.

– Using non-toxic cleaning products with enjoyable aromas ease tension. Many products use a fragrance-oil blend for a pleasing, safe aroma.

– Clean under sinks where unhealthy mold is present with denatured alcohol and one-cup water. Check plumbing under sink periodically to look for leaks.

– Cleaning products that have strong bases, are highly acidic or contain bleach can contribute to an unhealthy home. Instead, try using environmentally preferred cleaning products, and a little elbow grease for cleaning.

-Create your own homemade cleaning solution! Vinegar, as simple as it is, will disinfect and inhibit mold and mildew.

These tips are sure to keep your home environment clean, safe and most importantly, healthy. Give The Maids a call or visit them at to find a location nearest you!

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