It is estimated that each month, kids bring home approximately one large tree’s worth of paper. Okay, that’s not exactly true, but it sure feels like it, right? Regardless of age, kids tend to accumulate a huge amount of paperwork. From projects to coloring pages, awards certificates to artwork, it just keeps coming, and it’s hard to find a place for it all.

If you decide to keep the piece, there are several great options for what to do with it. Contrary to popular belief and practice, you don’t have to just carve out an 8’’ by 11’’ area of the kitchen counter to accommodate the stack. Check out these ideas for organizing, storing, sharing, and enjoying your child’s best work.

Create a simple storage system. Once a paper is deemed a “keeper” (perhaps an A+ essay, extra special project, or funny paragraph), move it to a specified storage container. Some parents like to use a traditional file box; hanging files can be used to sort by grade level or type of document. Take the extra few minutes to sort each item into the correct spot. The diligence is sure to pay off in the long run when you have a well-organized collection of treasures.

Find a new way. If you’re clutter-phobic and the thought of adding more storage bins to your life makes you cringe, think about memorializing your kids’ masterpieces differently. Artkive is a unique company that takes your child’s art pieces and transforms them into a book. You can also try your hand at this by simply taking pictures of your kids’ pieces, and then uploading them into an app like Chatbooks. These options are organized and streamlined options for keeping memories, and not clutter, alive.

Have a rotating display. Let your kids relish in their brilliant designs by allowing them some special, prominent space. A hanging cord with clothespins is a fun way to exhibit some exceptional items, and it can make a cute addition to a toy room or breakfast nook. The fridge door is also a timeless option, but is space-limited.

Send some art to grandparents. With the challenges of social distancing, many families are feeling more separate than ever. Bring some joy to the grandparents in your life by sending them a personalized or particularly special item. 

Recycle it. Don’t let the mom guilt get you; it is perfectly acceptable to recycle your kids’ old papers, projects, or even art. It’s virtually impossible to keep and enjoy it all. So here’s that permission you’re waiting for: throw it away. It’s okay!

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