It’s Cleaning Madness This March!

This time of year, it’s all about basketball and brackets. Even if you’re not totally into the madness you can still take part of the fun. Instead of choosing top seeds and Cinderella teams, make family chore brackets complete with rewards. 

Here’s The Idea 

The official NCAA Division I Bracket includes a list of all the teams that made it to the big dance. These teams face off in the first round and the winner moves on to the next round. Eventually, the teams whittle down to the final four, then the championship game where the winner is crowned.  

 To adapt this for cleaning, put household chores in place of all the starting teams. The NCAA bracket consists of 68 teams from four of the country’s regions, but you don’t need to get that in-depth. A nice round number of 10 to 20 will work. Keep in mind the chores aren’t going head-to-head with a winner advancing, so you’ll need to fill out the entire bracket. (See the illustration below.) 

Examples Of Chores 

When deciding which chores to list, we suggest including tasks for everyone. Kids are always more motivated to clean when you make it fun! Some examples of kid-friendly chores include putting clothes away, dusting low surfaces, picking up toys and games, making beds and taking out the recycling. For older kids, put emptying the dishwasher and vacuuming on that list. Read our complete list of age-appropriate chores here. 

 Since spring is right around the corneruse this opportunity to make up a bracket for spring cleaning. Break down big chores to make the task more manageable. For example, instead of writing “clean out the garage, list clear trash, recycle empty containers, reorganize shelves and sweep and mop floor. Partitioning tasks gives everyone a job and direction to get it done. Spring cleaning is a big job that most of us aren’t excited to tackle but making a bracket with a nice reward at the end is a definite motivator. 

Here’s an example of a weekend bracket. 

Smith Family 2019 Cleaning Bracket 

Make Beds 




Dust Living Room 

Scrub Shower 



Sweep Hard Floors 


Clean Toilets 


Pick Up Toys/Books  

Clean Kitchen Sink 



Vacuum Carpet 



Go To The Movies! 

Vacuum Stairs 

Clean Inside Microwave 



Empty Trash/Recycling 


Clean Patio Door 


Wipe Down Cabinets 

Clean Counters 



Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Once you make your bracket, you can decide how to reward your family’s hard work. If your bracket is for a one-day, Saturday cleaning spreea reward could be going out to dinner when the chores are completed. Cross the chores off the bracket as you go, leaving the reward for last. 

Another option to pepperin rewards along the way to keep everyone motivated, especially little ones. For example, you could add a chocolate break after the first bracket is completed. Or if your kids are close in age or ability, you can inspire a little competition by rewarding the one who gets the most chores done in the first, second, third brackets and so on. 

If you decide to go the springcleaning route, you may need to spread the chores over several weekends so the reward could be bigger, like taking a weekend trip or buying something fun for the entire family. There’s no rule that says cleaning can’t be fun. Use your imagination with your brackets to make it a great experience for the entire family! 

There’s also no rule that says you have to do all the cleaning yourself. The Maids’ cleaning services can pitch in to help with spring cleaning or even recurring cleaning. We’ll get everything ship shape and keep it that way. Contact us today to see just how much a professional cleaning service can save. 


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