Amaze your in-laws with a clean, inviting home for the holidays

Be prepared for the return of the relatives.

The holidays are upon us and, no doubt, you’re wrapped up in the bustle. Not to mention that your in-laws are coming and the need to clean in urgent.

Instead of trying to achieve a last minute cleaning overhaul, make your home sparkle and impress the guests with a few simple solutions that will help ease your holiday anxiety (and maybe even yield a complement).

While The Maids can’t make your in-laws disappear, we can sure lighten the burden of their arrival. Follow these quick and easy tips and your guests will have nothing but love for you and your home this holiday season:

Dust and vacuum all surfaces from top to bottom. Don’t forget about baseboards, windowsills, tops of ceiling fans and refrigerators as well as vents (the little details are what she’ll notice most). The brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner can easily tackle these hard-to-reach areas.

Not everyone is a dog lover. Eliminate pet fur from sticking to her new favorite holiday sweater. Use a damp sponge to wipe pet fur from the furniture.

Make them feel like guests. Place fresh towels, a new toothbrush and toothpaste in the guest bath. Supplying extra toiletries that are easily forgotten is a sure way to impress even the most finicky family members.

Freshen up the sleeping areas. Wash the mattress pad and all bedding using hot water (over 130 degrees). Vacuum the mattress; then sanitize with a disinfectant spray. After making the bed, top the pillow with a piece or two of holiday candy to make your guests feel pampered.

It’s the little things that count. Place a fresh bouquet of flowers or a small poinsettia plant in the guest room as the perfect finishing touch. And for a little extra holiday cheer, hang a decorative pair of mittens filled with fresh potpourri and tied with a ribbon on the doorknob.

Being welcomed into a clean home can brighten any mood – even your in-laws. Spread the holiday cheer to everyone who enters your home without having to spend too much time with the mop and broom.

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