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It may seem odd for a cleaning company to write a blog about how to throw a messy party, but hear us out. Sometimes making messes can be fun. Ready to roll up your sleeves? No? It doesn’t matter. You’re going to get dirty either way.

Messy Party Requirements:

Attire: Wear something you aren’t extremely attached to (because glop, goop, paint, and dirt will definitely attach to it).
Bring: A creatively chaotic, massively messy spirit. And whatever is on the list below. Oh, and a towel.
Fun. Believe us. You won’t be able to help yourself.

Messy Party Rules:

Make everyone, including observing parents, aware of these two rules.

1. Remaining clean during a messy party is punishable by water balloon.
2. Get messy, but play clean. No hitting or hurting. No face schmearing.

It can be helpful to have guests chip in on some of the supplies. The messy party games we list below use the following supplies:

• Food coloring (several colors)
• Whipped cream
• Donuts (the messier, the better, obviously)
• Water guns
• Optional: Goggles and extra towels

Messy Party Games:

Messy party ideas are all the rage right now, and here are four of our favorites, picked mostly for their effectiveness, ease of set-up, and sheer enjoyment. You can use one or all of these messy party games for your party (or random Friday afternoon).

1. Colored Water War

A popular one with the older kids, the colored water war is basically a water gun fight, but the water is dyed. Whether you have kids team up or go rogue, the easiest way to make this work is to have the kids refill their own water guns and have a parent squeeze four to five drops of dye into the full barrel. Try to keep the color consistent with each child; it’s a great way to see them make a splash. (Note: White shirts are great for this game if you don’t mind them not staying that way).

2. Powder Power

Hang powdered doughnuts from a string and instruct kids to try and eat them—without using their hands. Swing sets (swings removed) are a great place to do this, so are relatively low branches. Feel free to add to the powdered sugar content or use super-frosted doughnuts instead.

3. Dig for Worms

Place five gummy worms in a pie plate and then fill each tin with generous dollops of whipped cream. This messy party game requires participants to find all five gummy worms with their hands tied behind their back. Add food coloring swirls to increase the fun!

4. Make a Messy Monet

Drape a canvas tarp over a fence, a garage door, or a large portion of the yard. Fill squeezable condiment containers with watered-down paint (a 50-50 ratio should do the trick) or try this idea that uses paint-filled eggs to make some pretty impressive splatter art.

Another way to include paint is to use a heavy-duty (but smooth) plastic drop cloth as the backdrop for the painting fun, and then place or hang inexpensive canvases on top. The canvases will make cute party favors, and, when the painting is complete, the plastic sheet can be used as a messy slide.

Hungry for more?

Serve up sloppy joes and watermelon for lunch and set up a sundae bar for dessert. Make silverware optional. (And don’t be surprised if a food fight breaks out).

Just let us know when you are ready for some after-party cleaning services. You’ve earned it.

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