small_spaces1Homes come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean organization has to suffer. If you are lacking horizontal space in your home, then capitalize on the vertical space and use every nook in a smart, functional way. Let’s explore some practical ways that you can maximize your space.

Living Spaces
For smaller living areas, think about shelving out one entire wall, floor to ceiling. You’ll have a place to display your books, photos and decorations without adding clunky furniture pieces to the room. Store your electronic devices, toys, DVDs and other everyday household items in baskets or decorative bins on the bottom shelves.

Kitchen Spaces
Tiny kitchens may leave you limited on cabinet space, but hanging your pots and pans from a ceiling or wall rack can look super chic.  It’s also amazingly convenient when you’re cooking. Create additional shelf space by using expandable shelves inside your cupboards. They’re great for bowls, plates and coffee cups.

Bedroom Spaces
Think low for smaller bedroom spaces. Create your own captain’s bed by putting shallow bins underneath to store clothes, extra bed linens or seasonal items. Place your hanging racks high and low in your closet to uses as much closet space as possible. For smaller, closets, build floor to ceiling shelves for extra storage space, or put a small desk inside to create a simple office area with shelving above.

Bathroom Spaces
In a little bathroom, hanging smaller cabinets around the top of the walls will give you the space for extra towels, toilet paper and other bathroom items, without cluttering up the room. Stacking towel racks vertically will also create a sense of more space, while remaining functional.

When you’re looking for new ways to stay organized, remember to look up and down to find that extra space.

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