HEADER_resizedWhether you’re in a short term rental for work, vacation or a major relocation with your whole family, it’s important you make the space feel like home. We partnered with HomeSuite, experts at finding luxurious and homey short term spaces, to show you some great ideas to create the ultimate home away from home. Even though you can’t make big changes to a rented space, you can take action to create a comfortable environment for the length of your stay.

Use Essential Oils for a Smell You Love

Smell is one of the strongest senses humans possess, which is why a whiff of freshly baked cookies can instantly recall memories of your grandma, or a spray of perfume can take you back to your first kiss. Essential oils are a major trend right now, and they can help create an environment that feels like home. You can even personalize the scent with one of many essential oils recipes. As an added bonus, use essential oils for cleaning, as they are a natural disinfectant. You’ll find many uses for essential oils, and helping to keep your short term rental clean throughout your stay is just one of the perks.

Fill the Fridge with Your Favorite Foods

Nothing makes a rented space feel more personal than when you can enjoy your favorite foods at the end of the day. Take the extra time to buy the groceries you normally enjoy, and splurge on the extras you love. Any space can be more relaxing when you’re sipping a mug of your favorite hot cocoa in the evening or starting the day with a bowl of your favorite cereal and almond milk.

Decorate with Family Photos

A glimpse of your spouse, your parents or your children can instantly make a rental feel personal. The easiest, and least time-consuming, way to put up pictures is by setting up frames on countertops, shelves or the nightstand. You can also hang frames using removable adhesive hooks without damaging walls or messing up paint. If you’re short on space but still want to enjoy plenty of reminders of the people you love, invest in a digital photo frame, and you can relax each night with a slideshow of your favorite memories.

Adjust the Lighting so it Feels Like Home

One of the things that can make a rented home feel unfamiliar is the lighting. If you’re used to reading in a dim bedroom by the light of a lamp, for example, overhead recessed lighting might agitate you or stop you from feeling sleepy in the evenings. Thankfully, adjusting the lighting in a short term rental can be a quick process. You can buy affordable lampshades to diffuse the light differently in the bedroom, or you can change the bulbs to a wattage you’re more accustomed to. If you want a serious change, you can even buy bulbs in different colors or pick up a new lamp altogether. If minimalist decorating is more your speed, a quick lighting change can give the homey vibe you need without filling the place with clutter.

Add a Rug for a Personal Touch

Not a fan of the flooring in your short term rental? A rug is one of the best home decorating ideas to change up the look of the entire space. A simple rug in the bathroom can turn a sterile, cold room into a truly cheerful area, and a bigger rug in the living room can help transform a common space into a one that makes you feel welcome and at home. Rugs will also protect floors from stains and scratches, so you can leave the place as neat as you found it.

While you can’t paint the walls and bring in all new furniture in a short term rental, you can still make some changes to the space. Decor, rugs, and lighting can all work together to make a temporary environment feel just like home.

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